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Imdb Point: 8.1

37.736 People voted

How Many Seasons: 3

How Many Sections: 34


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

Travelers Thread

When a federal agent discovers 4 people who have suddenly changed characters and became another, realizes that they are coming from the future and controlling the body when they enter it, and makes a surprising discovery about the future of humanity.

Travelers Trailer

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Travelers Players

Player Name:
Eric McCormack
Series Role:
Grant MacLaren
Player Name:
MacKenzie Porter
Series Role:
Marcy warton
Player Name:
Nesta cooper
Series Role:
Carly Shannon
Player Name:
Jared abrahamson
Series Role:
Trevor Holden
Player Name:
Reilly dolman
Series Role:
Philip pearson
Player Name:
Brad wright
Series Role:

Detailed Information About Travelers

The Travelers Netflix Series is a science-fiction US drama that aired in 2016. Director Brad Wright decided to shoot a science fiction series called “Travelers”. Although the shooting process of the series was troubled due to the budget, it was liked by more viewers than expected and the production company decided to air Season 1 and 2.

Travelers Thread

The population of the Earth has decreased significantly in the years to come. A group of people who survived until that time and had the chance to get to know each other by chance, discovered a kind of time machine that could send their consciousness from the future to the present. After this discovery, they set up a group called "travelers". The aim of the group is to find the reason why the world has become this by traveling from the future to the present with the time machine and try to prevent this. Each of the people in the group has some unique characteristics. These methods are one of the main factors that determine the course of the series. After coming from the future to the present, nothing will be the same as before; Many adventures await both Earth and our heroes.

A Different Science Fiction Series

Travelers brings together two themes commonly used in science fiction series: Time travel and end of humanityHowever, with a small detail cleverly incorporated into the subject, it becomes interesting to travelers. Instead of classic time travel stories, here only the consciousness of the people is sent back in time, not the people themselves. Our heroes, who want to prevent the end of the world, go back to the past with this method and start trying to rewrite history.

Series Actors

TravelersEric McCormack's cast includes many unknown names such as Mackenzie Porter, Patrick Gilmore, Jared Paul Abrahamson, Nesta Marlee Cooper and Reilly Dolman. As producers, Brad Wright, John G. Lenic, Carrie Mudd and Eric McCormack stand out.

Travelers Photos

All Seasons and Episodes of the Travelers Series

How Many Seasons of Travelers?

It consists of 3 seasons.

Travelers How Many Episodes?

It consists of 34 sections.

Travelers Season 1 Episodes

A federal agent makes a surprising discovery about the future of humanity when he follows four men who suddenly take on completely different personalities.
  • Section 1 Pilot Episode
  • When people from the future take control of a few random people, FBI agent Grant MacLaren learns about their extremely important mission.
  • Chapter 2 Protocol 6
  • MacLaren and his team adapt to the unexpected challenges in their new lives while trying to prevent an explosion of antimatter that could kill thousands of people.
  • Chapter 3 Alexander
  • Ruined by guilt, Philip breaks the rules in an unauthorized attempt to change the future, causing violence and the disclosure of his secret.
  • Chapter 4 Hall
  • Saving a more experienced team, MacLaren and other Passengers realize that not everyone from the future is playing the game by the same rules.
  • Chapter 5 Room 101
  • MacLaren's team is taken hostage by an unknown enemy who seems to know their secrets. MacLaren tries to find them.
  • Chapter 6 Helios 685
  • The team prepares to fulfill their main mission, which will save millions of lives but ruin their own future.
  • Chapter 7 Protocol 5
  • Uncertain whether their mission was successful, Travelers face the possibility of spending the rest of their lives in the bodies of compelling 21st century characters.
  • Chapter 8 Donner
  • MacLaren deals with a Passenger who fails to reach his destination. Trevor and Carly take care of their personal problems. Philip notices a small change in the timeline.
  • Chapter 9 Bishop
  • Circumstances force MacLaren to act out of duty in an extraordinary one-man mission involving his wife, politics, and an air disaster.
  • Chapter 10 Kathryn
  • As MacLaren oscillates between death and life, surgeons scramble to save him. When people at home and at work start to get suspicious, the team tries to cover up the situation.
  • Chapter 11 Marcy
  • After Marcy's condition worsens, two new Travelers attempt an experimental method that could allow her to survive. But this comes at a heavy price.
  • Chapter 12 Grace
  • An Assassinated Traveler arrives in the present. His arrival reveals the truth of the disturbing division that is emerging among the future warring factions.
  • Travelers Season 2 episodes

    FBI agent Grant MacLaren and his team investigate a mysterious Traveler while battling against the opposition faction group Fraction from the future.
  • Section 1 Ave Machina
  • MacLaren's detained team tells the story of an eccentric Traveler to a psychiatrist as he tries to escape and destroy the quantum framework.
  • Chapter 2 PROTOCOL 4
  • MacLaren and Walt pursue a mysterious unexpected group of new Travelers. Marcy helps David recover from trauma, and Philip makes a new friend.
  • Chapter 3 Jacob
  • Bodies found at a construction site three months after the team's last mission allow the Passengers to recognize the commonality between the murders.
  • Chapter 4 11:27
  • Two members of the team help an activist trying to prevent an agricultural product from being launched. Others help a Traveler plan his own assassination.
  • Chapter 5 Jenny
  • Tasked with preventing a flu-like epidemic, Travelers are shocked when the pathogen that appears to be evolving becomes deadly and spreads around the world.
  • Chapter 6 U235
  • When the faction gains the upper hand over MacLaren's team, the team tries to obtain uranium, keep the Manager online, and prevent the spread of the epidemic.
  • Chapter 7 17 minutes
  • When the crew is killed while on a mission in a remote lake, a Passenger transfers himself back to back to a nearby paratrooper in a desperate rescue attempt.
  • Chapter 8 Passenger 0027
  • MacLaren and his team are summoned to the Passenger 0027 trial. The Traveler is accused of undermining the Administrator and the Grand Plan.
  • Chapter 9 update
  • Philip attends a disturbing historical update session. MacLaren's wife is rushed to the hospital. Trevor learns something shocking about his mansion.
  • Chapter 10 21C
  • Passengers protect a little girl who plays an important role in the future. Marcy's treatment to restore his memory causes him to remember more than expected.
  • Chapter 11 Simon
  • A homeless man with inconsistent behavior turns out to be a very intelligent but imaginative Traveler who knows the team's powerful archenemy, Passenger 001.
  • Chapter 12 001
  • Passenger 001 goes one step ahead of the team by taking all the loved ones on MacLaren's team hostage and forcing the Passengers to reveal their identities.
  • Travelers Season 3 episodes

    After the truth about their existence is learned around the world, MacLaren and his team must erase their traces, work with the FBI and find Passenger 001.
  • Section 1 Ilsa
  • MacLaren, his team and the people they love gather again in a safe house guarded by the FBI. But doubts and betrayals can undermine the rest of their mission.
  • Chapter 2 Yates
  • MacLaren and Yates adjust to their new partnership while protecting a TV show host whose provocative remarks about the Passengers have caused tragedy.
  • Chapter 3 Protocol 3
  • Believing that his memory for the previous day was erased by his team, MacLaren tries to recall what he did in the case of a troubled child whose future is horrible.
  • Chapter 4 Perrow
  • When the faction tries to catch Traveler 001, the team learns he is still alive. Kat, Jeff and David's doubts about the people they love deepen.
  • Chapter 5 Naomi
  • The team tries to get an unauthorized AI out of a child messenger, but the program spreads very quickly. A new Traveler adapts to his host.
  • Chapter 6 Philip
  • After the Fraction kidnaps Philip and a group of other historians, MacLaren and his team try to find out their location from the critically injured Hall.
  • Chapter 7 Trevor
  • Trevor, who suffers from a fatal brain condition while the team tries to quickly find an experimental cure, allows it to be rewritten.
  • Chapter 8 Archive
  • When a Traveler with a vital mission to humanity's survival comes to the body of a newly captured serial killer, MacLaren insists Yates help.
  • Chapter 9 David
  • The faction creates nuclear explosions that destroy all of the Passengers' archives, except for an archive where injured David is stranded.
  • Chapter 10 Omega Protocol
  • Passengers, exhausted by their recent losses and a comprehensive new protocol, have a small chance of succeeding in their mission.
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