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Imdb Point: 8.0

189.906 People voted

How Many Seasons: 7

How Many Sections: 152


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

The Blacklist Thread

A dangerous criminal on the FBI's wanted list makes an intriguing offer of help to the FBI to catch other criminals; There is only one requirement that junior profiler Elizabeth Keen works with her.

The Blacklist Trailer

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The Blacklist Cast

Player Name:
James spader
Series Role:
Raymond 'Red' Reddington
Player Name:
Megan boone
Series Role:
Elizabeth keen
Player Name:
Diego klattenhoff
Series Role:
Donald ressler
Player Name:
Harry lennix
Series Role:
Harold Cooper
Player Name:
Hisham Tawfiq
Series Role:
Dembe Zuma
Player Name:
Amir Arison
Series Role:
Aram Mojtabai
Player Name:
Mozhan Marnò
Series Role:
Samar Navabi
Player Name:
Ryan eggold
Series Role:
Tom keen

Detailed Information About The Blacklist

The Blacklist is an American crime thriller television series that premiered on NBC on September 23, 2013. The show follows Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader), a former US Navy officer, who became a high-profile criminal who voluntarily surrendered to the fbi after being captured for decades. He tells the FBI that he has a list of the world's most dangerous criminals that he has compiled over the years and is willing to report on his operations in exchange for immunity from prosecution. However, she only insists on working with rookie FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone).

The series also stars Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold, and Harry Lennix. The pilot episode was written by Jon Bokenkamp and directed by Joe Carnahan. [1] Executive producers of the series include Sony Pictures Television, Bokenkamp for Universal Television and Davis Entertainment, John Eisendrath and John Davis.

Each season received positive reviews, [2] [3] many critics especially praised Spader's performance. [4] On February 20, 2020, NBC renewed the series for its eighth season, [5] with its premiere on November 13, 2020. [6]

The Blacklist Photos

The Blacklist Series All Seasons and Episodes

The Blacklist How Many Seasons?

It consists of 7 Seasons.

How Many Episodes of The Blacklist?

It consists of 152 sections.

The Blacklist Season 1 Episodes

One of the most wanted fugitives surrenders and helps the FBI catch the worst criminals; however, he agrees to work only with rookie profiler Liz Keen.
  • Section 1 Pilot Episode
  • A criminal prodigy surrenders to the FBI with a proposal to capture an elusive terrorist, but says he will only speak to a rookie profiler.
  • Chapter 2 Self Employed (No.145)
  • Liz and Red watch an assassin who disguises his murders with massive catastrophes. The Ministry of Justice struggles to understand Red's motives.
  • Chapter 3 Wujing (No.84)
  • Liz and Red go undercover to catch an assassin who killed CIA agents. Tom asks Liz questions about the man who attacked him.
  • Chapter 4 Stew (No.161)
  • When Liz's most important witness disappears, Red suspects a killer who cooked his victims and destroyed them without a trace.
  • Chapter 5 Courier (No.85)
  • A broker with uniquely abilities enables the FBI to track down a missing NSA analyst.
  • Chapter 6 Gina Zanetakos (No.152)
  • Eager to clear Tom's name, Liz hands him over to the FBI, but discovers Tom is associated with a corporate terrorist.
  • Chapter 7 Frederick Barnes (No.47)
  • Following a chemical attack on the subway, Liz and her team hunt down a mad scientist who once worked for the government.
  • Chapter 8 General Ludd (No. 109)
  • Red is assigned to help Liz, and the FBI hunts an anti-capitalist group intent on bringing the US economy to its knees.
  • Chapter 9 Predictive Garrick (No.16): Part 1 - Wikipedia
  • An attempt to assassinate Red puts the FBI under siege. Liz sneaks out of the building to recapture the facility.
  • Chapter 10 Predictive Garrick (No.16): Part 2 - Wikipedia
  • Liz and a mysterious stranger fight to save Red and Ressler from Anslo Garrick and the Wild Bunch gang.
  • Chapter 11 Helpful Citizen (No. 106)
  • A serial killer Liz used to know commits a crime again, and Red does not let go of his betrayer.
  • Chapter 12 Alchemist (No. 101)
  • The FBI's ultimate goal, known as the Alchemist, is to protect criminals by playing with the DNA of the innocent.
  • Chapter 13 Adoption Agency (No.64)
  • On the eve of Liz's adoption, Red pursues Liz for an adoption agency that uses truly malicious methods.
  • Chapter 14 Madeline Pratt (No.73)
  • A seductive woman Red used to know asks for help in finding an antique artifact and lures the FBI on an imaginary mission.
  • Chapter 15 The Judge (No. 57)
  • The FBI goes after a man who distributes "justice" to those who have been wrongfully imprisoned.
  • Chapter 16 Mako Tanida (No.83)
  • When a Yakuza leader escapes from prison and tries to get revenge on Ressler, Tom and Jolene face off with him.
  • Chapter 17 Ivan (No.88)
  • Liz investigates Jolene's disappearance while chasing a cyber terrorist who can take over the system she wants.
  • Chapter 18 Milton Bobbit (No.135)
  • While trying to find out Tom's true identity, Liz looks for an underwriter who convinces ordinary people to be a hit man.
  • Part 19 Pavlovich Brothers (No.119-122)
  • While the FBI searches for a kidnapped Serbian family, Red uses them in a plan to catch Tom, which leads to an inevitable confrontation with Liz.
  • Chapter 20 Determiner of Power (No. 42)
  • As the FBI pursues a political fixer known as Kingmaker, Red seeks protection from Fitch against an unknown foe trying to take him out.
  • Chapter 21 Berlin (No.8)
  • After learning the truth behind her father's death, Liz refuses to work with the increasingly desperate Red.
  • Chapter 22 Berlin: Conclusion (No.8)
  • After the Russian plane crash, Liz is forced to work with Red again to track down Berlin.
  • The Blacklist Season 2 Episodes

    When a prominent person from his past returns, Red faces a new and deadly enemy. Liz wonders about Red's obsession with the money laundering scheme.
  • Section 1 Lord Baltimore (No. 104)
  • A mysterious assassin puts Reddington's ex-wife in danger; Liz deals with the consequences of her showdown with Tom; Cooper returns to the task force.
  • Chapter 2 Monarch Douglas Bank (No.112)
  • Task Force investigates an interesting Warsaw bank robbery; Reddington has a plan to save his ex-wife, while Cooper recruits a new team member.
  • Chapter 3 Dr James Covington (No.89)
  • As the Task Force focuses on a disgraced surgeon running a black market, Reddington finds new opportunities; Liz expresses her insecurity.
  • Chapter 4 Dr. Linus Creel (No.82)
  • When ordinary people suddenly become murderers, Reddington suspects a diabolical experiment; Liz goes to Naomi and tries to question her about Red.
  • Chapter 5 Facade (No.74)
  • Task Force pursues an eco-terrorist who is about to spread a deadly virus; Reddington spies on Jennifer; Liz visits a secret basement.
  • Chapter 6 Mombasa Cartel (No.114)
  • Liz and Reddington clash with poachers linked to human trafficking. Ressler's addiction starts to cause problems. Meanwhile, Liz's secret is revealed.
  • Chapter 7 Shovel (No.22)
  • The Task Force focuses on the abduction of a nuclear scientist. Intelligence from Tom gives Liz a chance to arrange a meeting between Berlin and Reddington.
  • Chapter 8 Aralsek (No.12)
  • Reddington and Berlin form an unexpected alliance in Moscow. While Liz tries to keep her secret from Tom, Tom and Reddington also have their own secrets.
  • Chapter 9 Luther Braxton (No.21)
  • After Reddington is thrown into a remote prison, Liz, Ressler, and Samar are sent to get him out. Braxton tells Liz what she knows.
  • Chapter 10 Luther Braxton: Conclusion (No. 21)
  • After the prison attack, Cooper dispatches a rescue team. Braxton takes Liz and tries to uncover childhood memories of the fire.
  • Chapter 11 Ruslan Denisov (No.67)
  • Liz, Ressler and Reddington work to neutralize a criminal who holds many American hostages. A local murder could cause problems for Liz.
  • Chapter 12 Kenyon Family (No.71)
  • The investigation of a polygamous cult leader is linked to the illegal arms sale. Reddington tries to locate Fitch's mysterious vault.
  • Chapter 13 Deer Hunter (No.93)
  • The Task Force sets its sights on capturing a serial killer who has been hunting his victims for years. Liz and Red argue about Fulcrum.
  • Chapter 14 T. Earl King VI (No.94)
  • Reddington is kidnapped after telling the FBI about a famous crime family. Before going undercover, Tom realizes he still has feelings for Liz inside him.
  • Chapter 15 Major (No.75)
  • While Liz is accused of a murder she did not commit, Reddington decides to solve the problem himself and travels to Germany to search for Tom.
  • Chapter 16 Tom Keen (No.7)
  • Reddington and Ressler will inevitably find Tom as evidence against Liz emerges. For a serious diagnostic Task Force it ramps up.
  • Chapter 17 Longevity Initiative (No.97)
  • A terrifying discovery leads Reddington and Liz to a scientist experimenting with immortality. Tom's feelings for Liz could endanger both of them.
  • Chapter 18 Vanessa Cruz (No.117)
  • The Task Force is looking for a mysterious woman targeting wealthy businessmen. Showdown on Fulcrum has unwanted consequences.
  • Part 19 Leonard Caul (No.62)
  • Connoly's political moves begin to take shape as Liz takes charge to save the badly injured Reddington. Liz confronts Tom on Reddington.
  • Chapter 20 Quon Zhang (No.87)
  • While the Task Force investigates a master criminal who stole corpses, Liz continues to search for the truth about her past. Tom and Liz begin to get closer again.
  • Chapter 21 Karakurt (No. 55)
  • Liz and Ressler pursue an assassin who aims to kill a US senator with a new biological weapon. Liz learns surprising things about her mother.
  • Chapter 22 Tom Connolly (No.11)
  • Reddington and Cooper help Liz, who faces a bogus assassination charge. Old secrets begin to come to light when Liz and Reddington come to the crossroads.
  • The Blacklist Season 3 Episodes

    In Season 3, Liz, who is only helped by Red, escapes and actually lands on the FBI's Most Wanted list when Cabal's serious crimes are crushed on her.
  • Section 1 Troll Farmer (No.38)
  • Liz and Red seek help from someone on the blacklist. Ressler questions Cooper. Dembe's grandson is kidnapped.
  • Chapter 2 Marvin Gerard (No. 80)
  • Liz and Red get together for a dinner after leaving. Ressler is watching them. Cooper is pressured to take leave.
  • Chapter 3 Eli Matchett (No. 72)
  • Red and Liz collect information about Cabal's money launderers through a farmer. The team unravels a global food crisis.
  • Chapter 4 Ecinni (No. 43)
  • Red tries to track down Cabal and find the Djinn, one of the blacklist, to clear Liz's name.
  • Chapter 5 Arioch Cain (No. 50)
  • Liz and Red work to find someone on the blacklist who promises a reward for those who killed Liz. Ressler is instructed to cooperate with the CIA.
  • Chapter 6 Ser Crispin Crandall (No. 86)
  • Red and Liz encounter a billionaire who kidnaps the smartest people in the world to save humanity from mass extinction.
  • Chapter 7 Will Bin Hasaan (No.31)
  • The team hunts down an Iranian terrorist linked to Samar's past who is responsible for killing Mossad agents and kidnapping Israeli scientists.
  • Chapter 8 Kings of the Highway (No 108)
  • A gang kidnaps Red. Liz must take one of the gang members as a hostage and trade it for Red. Cooper and Tom continue their efforts to clear Liz.
  • Chapter 9 Director (No. 24)
  • Liz will be detained until she goes to court, but some forces are coming together to prevent her from going to federal court.
  • Chapter 10 Manager: Conclusion (No. 24)
  • Cabal will assassinate Liz. Red secretly meets with the team and starts a thoughtful game to cunningly defeat his enemies.
  • Chapter 11 Mr. Gregory Devry (No.95)
  • Red warns the team that the crime bosses are holding a secret meeting and will punish him for collaborating with the FBI.
  • Chapter 12 Extrajudicial Execution Gang (No.132)
  • When a rare medical device is used in a murder, Red alerts the team that an illegal organization dating back to the Middle Ages has reappeared.
  • Chapter 13 Alistair Pitt (No. 103)
  • Red and Liz work with the team to stop a mediator trying to unite two families engaged in illegal business. Tom meets one of his old loves.
  • Chapter 14 Lady Ambrosia (No.77)
  • Red and Liz hunt for a woman who kidnapped children. Tom's imprudent plan to help Liz goes horribly wrong.
  • Chapter 15 Drexel (No.113)
  • The founder of a new Internet company is killed. Red suspects a notorious serial killer. Meanwhile, Tom faces a situation that puts his life in danger.
  • Chapter 16 Depositary (No. 78)
  • The murder of a Foreign Ministry official in Beijing takes Red and Liz to Depository, who provides safe services to criminals.
  • Chapter 17 Mr Solomon (No.32)
  • While Liz prepares for an important ceremony, Tom's past haunts her. Red investigates when Solomon escapes from the police.
  • Chapter 18 Mr. Süleyman: Conclusion (No. 32)
  • The team must act according to Red's unconventional methods when one of them faces death. Tom and Liz get unexpected news.
  • Part 19 Cape May
  • In pain, Red begins to work on a new case: A beautiful woman runs away from her unknown followers and needs her help.
  • Chapter 20 Artax Network
  • As the team tracks down a secret group controlling a satellite system, Red encounters someone he used to know who knows his secrets.
  • Chapter 21 Susan hargrave
  • When Red connects with an elegant, powerful, and very dangerous woman, Liz's death, the team engages in a cat and mouse game to stop the woman before committing crime again.
  • Chapter 22 Alexander Kirk (No.14)
  • As Red and the FBI team approach the criminal suspected of organizing the recent events, they realize they must use illegal methods.
  • Chapter 23 Alexander Kirk: Conclusion (No.14)
  • As Reddington and the team are about to take over the prime suspect of a tragic loss, they risk losing another in an unexpected betrayal.
  • The Blacklist Season 4 Episodes

    Liz's lost childhood and her father's true identity become urgent secrets to unravel as Red seeks revenge on his betrayers.
  • Section 1 Stephen (No.79)
  • Red is on a rescue mission with the highest stakes as the Special Team is shaken by a shocking revelation about Liz's fate.
  • Chapter 2 Mato (No. 66)
  • As Liz tries to weigh Kirk's credibility, Red tries to find a bounty hunter who can help Kirk anticipate his future plans.
  • Chapter 3 Miles McGrath (No.65)
  • Liz learns more about her family as Red and the team take drastic steps to find one of Kirk's allies who are financing crimes for profit.
  • Chapter 4 Gaia (No.81)
  • While Tom watches dangerous methods to find baby Agnes, a desperate Liz goes after an eco-terrorist linked to Kirk, with the help of Red and the special team.
  • Chapter 5 The Lindquist Problem (No. 105)
  • The Special Team tries to find the killer targeting tech innovators. Liz feels in between because of the operation Red launched to catch Kirk.
  • Chapter 6 Thrush (No.53)
  • When Kirk hires a hacker group notorious for infiltrating highly secure computer networks, Red and Liz have an opportunity to lock onto their targets.
  • Chapter 7 Dr. Adrian Shaw (No.98)
  • Liz seeks advice from Cooper as Kirk's condition deteriorates. Red leads a private time in pursuit of a criminal who issuing false identities.
  • Chapter 8 Dr. Adrian Shaw (No.98): The End
  • When Alexander Kirk escapes from the hospital, Red makes a compelling proposal: to take Liz back for the cure of his desperate illness.
  • Chapter 9 Lipet Seafood Company (No.111
  • The investigation of an international terrorist operating in the United States reveals the shocking truth: the possibility that one of the team members is a mole.
  • Chapter 10 (No. 163)
  • The last hope for solving the case of a serial killer who mocks Elizabeth with the clues she left for her is the premonitions of a 9-year-old girl.
  • Chapter 11 Harem (No. 102)
  • Liz infiltrates a women's gang to prevent the theft of a different type of list of witnesses under federal protection.
  • Chapter 12 Natalie Luca (No.184)
  • As Red offers Tom a surprising career change, the team tries to identify an assassin who killed their targets with the help of a desperate illness.
  • Chapter 13 Isabella Stone (No.34)
  • As Tom searches for answers about his past, Red warns Liz about the new person in the team's Blacklist: a ruthless slanderer trying to ruin Liz.
  • Chapter 14 Pampering (No. 107)
  • Red's quest to identify the person who funded Isabella Stone continues while Aram disguises himself as a hacker to investigate a meticulous criminal mastermind.
  • Chapter 15 Pharmacist (No. 59)
  • Red, given a deadly poison, tries to determine which of his partners has betrayed him. Meanwhile, Liz and the team investigate the poison maker.
  • Chapter 16 Dembe Zuma (No. 10)
  • Aram's disappearance gives Red and the Special Team the first clue of Dembe's whereabouts, forcing the former assistant to take a huge risk.
  • Chapter 17 Lament
  • Red's past memories put him in a dangerous position as his most dangerous foe embarks on a sly final plan to settle accounts and destroy his empire.
  • Chapter 18 Philomena (No.61)
  • A bounty hunter is hired that specifically targets Red's closest partners. Working with an old colleague on a new role poses a moral dilemma for Ressler.
  • Part 19 Dr. Bogdan Krilov (No.29)
  • Red and the team search for a person on the Black List whose ability to capture and manipulate memories causes Liz to question her past experiences.
  • Chapter 20 Collector (No.46)
  • When Liz is kidnapped by a Blacklist named Tahsildar, Red forms a tough alliance to take her back safely.
  • Chapter 21 Mr. Kaplan (No. 4)
  • While the Special Team is being investigated by the government for its alliance with him, Red gets closer to Mr. Kaplan with the help of his accomplices.
  • Chapter 22 Mr. Kaplan (No. 4): Conclusion
  • As Cooper and Mr. Kaplan seek the truth about Red's relationship with Liz, Red recruits a notorious fixer to sabotage the case against the Special Team.
  • The Blacklist Season 5 Episodes

    Despite the incredible facts revealed in the previous season, there are still secrets to be unraveled. This includes the mystery of the human remains found at Tansi Farm.
  • Section 1 Smokey Putnum (No. 30)
  • Not caring about losing his empire, Red forms a new business relationship with Liz to raise money for the task force and deliver a new blacklist.
  • Chapter 2 Greyson Blaise (No.37)
  • Liz, Red and the task force hunt down a billionaire who is an art thief. Tom tries to identify the mysterious bone remains. Dembe follows a lead.
  • Chapter 3 Miss Rebecca Thrall (No.76)
  • The task force investigates a series of mysterious attacks on the police. Red enlists Tom's help to restore his tainted reputation.
  • Chapter 4 Final Example (No.44)
  • Liz and her task force pursue an elusive criminal who is damaging the precious treasures of the world. Penniless, Red sees a new business opportunity.
  • Chapter 5 Ilyas Surkov (No.54)
  • Red's intelligence on a terrorist pits the task force against a rival CIA unit as he prepares for a new business venture with Hawkins.
  • Chapter 6 Travel Agency (No. 90)
  • Red helps Cooper with a personal case. Ressler leads the task force to prevent an assassination company from restarting.
  • Chapter 7 Killgannon Company (No.48)
  • Dembe infiltrates a human trafficking organization, but the task force is cut off from him. Tom's investigation puts his life in danger.
  • Chapter 8 Ian Garvey (No.13)
  • Distraught when Tom goes missing, Liz tries to track down her. Trying to find a mysterious suitcase full of bones, Red takes a dangerous path.
  • Chapter 9 Collapse
  • Despite yearning for revenge, Liz tries to make a new life away from everything. But soon a threat emerges that no one foresees.
  • Chapter 10 Informant (No.118)
  • As Liz plans her future, the task force pursues a blacklist who uses her position to sell some secrets, and a manhunt begins that could expose Ressler.
  • Chapter 11 Ibrahim Stern (No.100)
  • Red attracts the attention of a ruthless financier who has struggled his life to reclaim his fortune. Liz examines the methods of a dangerous blacklist.
  • Chapter 12 The cook (No. 56)
  • As they try to find Tom's killers, Liz begins to question Red's true motives. The task force uses the skills of another to catch an arsonist.
  • Chapter 13 Invisible Hand
  • Bodies found in the forest lead Red to suspect a secret and deadly group, The Invisible Hand. Liz uncovers a clue in Tom's investigation.
  • Chapter 14 Raleigh Sinclair III (No.51)
  • Red and his task force pursue a blacklist name that provides false witnesses for killers. Meanwhile, Liz interviews a therapist before rejoining the FBI.
  • Chapter 15 Pattie Sue Edwards (No.68)
  • Aram takes to the field while investigating a virus outbreak. Liz takes a new route to find Tom's killers. Red has to deal with a tax issue.
  • Chapter 16 The Capricorn Slayer (No. 19)
  • Earlier in Liz's career, new information comes to light on a case she's investigating as an FBI professor. The task force goes after Tom's killers.
  • Chapter 17 Anna-Garcia Duerte (No.25)
  • Following the murder of one of the Nash Cartel's business partners, Red sends Liz and her task force to gather important evidence against Ian Garvey.
  • Chapter 18 Zarak Mosadek (No.23)
  • As part of their quest to find Ian Garvey, Red and his task force hunt down a heroin dealer in Paris. However, Liz calls Garvey her own way.
  • Part 19 Ian Garvey (No.13): Conclusion
  • Red tries to get a mysterious bag of bones. Meanwhile, Liz gets information about Red from a surprising name.
  • Chapter 20 Nicholas T. Moore (No.110)
  • Close to learning Red's secret, Liz and her task force discover a connection to a young girl from a family with her own secret agenda.
  • Chapter 21 Lawrence Dane Devlin (No.26)
  • Red heads to Costa Rica where the bone-filled bag will be sold at auction. Meanwhile, Aram and his task force rush to save Samar from someone on the blacklist.
  • Chapter 22 Sutton Ross (No.17)
  • Liz and Red compete to protect the bag of bones from a name on the blacklist and find out who owns the remains in the bag.
  • The Blacklist Season 6 Episodes

    Knowing now that Raymond Reddington is not the person he claimed to be, Liz must decide whether to help him find the traitor who led him to death.
  • Section 1 Dr. Hans Köhler (No.33)
  • As Liz and Jennifer investigate the death of the real Raymond Reddington, Red and his task force seek out a plastic surgeon who collaborates with criminals.
  • Chapter 2 Corsican (No. 20)
  • Red has a life-changing encounter as Liz helps the task force stop the attack of one of the most elusive names on the Black List.
  • Chapter 3 Pharmacist (No.124)
  • While Cooper's honesty passes a test, Red tries to get out of a tough situation. Together with the task force, Liz tracks down a notorious biological pirate.
  • Chapter 4 Pawns (No. 146/147)
  • As Liz and Jennifer continue to investigate Red's past, Red encounters an old enemy. Samar hides his identity and enters the black market.
  • Chapter 5 Alter Ego (No.131)
  • As Red struggles to get his immunity deal recognized in court, Liz and the task force investigate a heir with questionable legacy.
  • Chapter 6 Ethical Decisions (No. 91)
  • While Red is sent to a medical center for psychiatric evaluation, Liz and Jennifer search for someone on the Black List who knows more about Red.
  • Chapter 7 General Shiro (No.116)
  • Red tries to choose a jury for the upcoming trial with the help of Dembe and Glenn. The task force deals with a case of insects used as weapons.
  • Chapter 8 Marko Jankowics (No.58)
  • Liz and Jennifer become targets of a smuggler as they search for a woman who might know a secret about Red's past. Red mediates between rival gangs.
  • Chapter 9 Minister D (No.99)
  • While Liz and her task force investigate someone on the blacklist who is known for selling dark secrets, Red tries to prove in court that she is not guilty of treason.
  • Chapter 10 Kriptobanker (No.160)
  • The task force investigates the uncontrolled world of cryptocurrencies on the internet to stop an impending attack. Red takes a risk for freedom.
  • Chapter 11 Bastien Moreau (no.20)
  • Desperate to save Red hours before his execution, Liz and her task force investigate the truth about an international assassination.
  • Chapter 12 Bastien Moreau (no.20): Conclusion
  • Cooper risks appealing directly to the White House on Red's behalf. Liz and the team track down the blacklisted Corsican who has been linked to a conspiracy.
  • Chapter 13 Robert Vesco (No.9)
  • Red and his task force track down a notorious outlaw who has become a legend with his fraudulent career. Samar faces a life-changing choice.
  • Chapter 14 Osterman Umbrella Company (No.6)
  • Red sends Liz to investigate a secret organization of assassins. Working for the intelligence units of different countries, this organization eliminates old agents.
  • Chapter 15 Olivia Olson (No.115)
  • The task force's new target is a Black List expert who is an expert in swallowing criminal organizations. There is also the possibility that this person has knowledge of a major conspiracy.
  • Chapter 16 Lady Luck (No. 69)
  • Red's attempt to identify the traitor who reported himself worries Dembe. Liz and Ressler search for a name on the Black List who deleted their gambling debts.
  • Chapter 17 Third Class (No.136)
  • Red and the task force protect the children of the prominent rich from an anticapitalist terrorist organization. Ressler searches for the truth about Liz's mother.
  • Chapter 18 Brockton University Murderer (No.92)
  • The task force investigates an unsolved case that has regained public attention due to a popular true crime podcast. Red seeks advice from Dom Wilkinson.
  • Part 19 Rassvet
  • After a terrible failure during the mission, Katarina Rostova, who is left alone and wanted in a foreign country, seeks help from only one she trusts.
  • Chapter 20 Guillermo Rizal (No.128)
  • As the task force races against time to find the kidnapper of multiple children, Red searches for a man who can find the place for everything. Liz contemplates a big change.
  • Chapter 21 Anna McMahon (No. 60)
  • An adviser to the president faces Cooper and the task force in a race to find the file containing the details of a conspiracy against the United States.
  • Chapter 22 Robert Diaz (No. 15)
  • As the president's plan clears up, Liz and the task force try to prevent a catastrophe. Red meets a man who knows about his past.
  • The Blacklist Season 7 Episodes

    Red was knocked unconscious and kidnapped by Katarina. But Liz and her task force still have unanswered questions about Red's true identity.
  • Section 1 Louis T. Steinhil (No.27)
  • When Red opens his eyes, he finds himself a prisoner and doesn't know who to trust. Meanwhile, Liz and her team step into unfamiliar waters while trying to locate Red.
  • Chapter 2 Louis T. Steinhil (No.27): Conclusion
  • As Liz and the task force continue to search for Red, Red gets help from a surprising ally and learns that Katarina is not her only target.
  • Chapter 3 Flowers of Evil (No.151)
  • Aram infiltrates a secret association of wealthy people with bloodthirsty tastes. Red searches for an old colleague involved in the mysterious Townsend Order.
  • Chapter 4 Kuwait
  • When his long-thought dead colleague emerges as a prisoner of war, Cooper is haunted by his past and the "little bitterness" in Kuwait.
  • Chapter 5 Norman Devane (No.138)
  • Liz and her team pursue a notorious hit man who specializes in using disease types as weapons. In Cuba, Red and Dembe are after a clue.
  • Chapter 6 Dr Lewis Powell (No. 130)
  • As the death of an AI expert puts Red and his task force on the alert, Francesca Campbell becomes more interested in Red.
  • Chapter 7 Hannah Hayes (No.125)
  • The task force investigates the sudden disappearance and reappearance of a governor. Red and Dembe follow someone close to Katarina Rostova.
  • Chapter 8 Hawaladar (No.162)
  • Red and his task force look for a blacklisted man who specializes in untraceable money transfers. Liz gets sad news from Agnes.
  • Chapter 9 Orion Home Moving Services (No.159)
  • Red and Liz investigate a group secretly helping criminals disappear. Katarina gets help from an old friend to learn about the Townsend Order.
  • Chapter 10 Katarina Rostova (No.3)
  • Red and the task force visit a former blacklist. Meanwhile, Liz makes an important choice due to a bitter conflict.
  • Chapter 11 Victoria Fenberg (No.137)
  • Liz and Ressler trust each other. Aram's love life gets complicated. Red goes after a fraudster who interrupts his plan to sell a stolen artwork.
  • Chapter 12 Cornelius Ruck (No.155)
  • Red reunites with an old lover on a private island as part of his stolen artwork scheme, but the guests on the island begin to mysteriously die.
  • Chapter 13 Newton Purcell (No.144)
  • A blacklisted person with a strange situation attacks data centers. Liz conducts a secret side investigation. Glen tries to prove it is useful to Red.
  • Chapter 14 Twamie Ullulaq (No.126)
  • A mysterious case of missing in the Alaska Triangle carries personal significance to Agent Park. Aram and Red try to determine what happened to Elodie's husband.
  • Chapter 15 Gordon Kemp (No.158)
  • A lawsuit involving a gun maker pits Red against both the task force and Liz. Suspecting everyone, Ilya Koslov thinks he's being watched.
  • Chapter 16 Nyle Hatcher (No.149)
  • A forgotten file that Liz worked on as a profiler at the FBI reopens and directs the task force to a funeral man who made a fortune in a bizarre way.
  • Chapter 17 Siblings
  • Ressler and his brother Robbie return to their hometown of Detroit after hearing the news that a secret they have kept for 25 years may soon be revealed.
  • Chapter 18 Roy Cain (No. 150)
  • In episode 150 of the series, Red, Liz and her task force investigate the mysterious kidnapping of Dembe's imam, revealing a corrupt prison warden.
  • Part 19 Kazanjian Brothers
  • Partially animated, the task force hunts down the brothers who keep the criminals safe, and Liz finally makes a choice between Red and Katarina.
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    Netflix Movies


    Split Plot Split is the 2016 American psychological horror thriller written, directed and produced by M.Night Shyamalan, with James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy and

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    Lupine is a French Crime, Action, Drama web television series that aired on Netflix on January 8, 2021 by George Kay and François Uzan. The series aired in two episodes

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    Netflix Movies

    Facia Triple

    The Disaster Trio tells about the adventures of three friends who are cut off from each other. Emre, a young man, dreamed of quickly seizing the money left by his grandfather.

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