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19 March 2014

Release date

Imdb Point: 7.7

182.559 People voted

How Many Seasons: 4

How Many Sections: 58


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

The 100 Topics

Ninety-seven years after a nuclear apocalypse destroyed humanity, a spaceship containing the survivors of the Apocalypse sends a hundred juvenile criminals back to Earth to check that the Planet is habitable.

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The 100 Cast

Player Name:
Eliza taylor
Series Role:
Clarke griffin
Player Name:
Bob morley
Series Role:
Bellamy Blake
Player Name:
Marie avgeropoulos
Series Role:
Octavia blake
Player Name:
Paige Turco
Series Role:
Dr. Abigail Griffin
Player Name:
Lindsey morgan
Series Role:
Raven reyes
Player Name:
Jason rothenberg
Series Role:

Detailed Information About The 100

The 100

The 100 Netflix Series, which aired its Season 5, takes place 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out almost all life on earth in 2049. The only known survivors are residents of twelve space stations orbiting Earth before the war. The space stations came together to create a single large station called "Ark", and about 2,400 people live on the ARK. Resources are now scarce and all crimes, regardless of nature or severity, are punishable by death, as long as they are not under the age of 18 according to the rules. After Ark's life support systems are found to be critically low, the Rulers declare one hundred young prisoners "expendable" and are sent to earth by ship to determine if the earth is habitable again. For 100, the earth is an alien planet; however, they quickly discover that the Earth is full of all kinds of new wonders and dangers. Young people arrive on a beautiful planet they only see from space. In this New World, which seems livable, they face dangers unaware and decide to build a society. But it doesn't take long for them to discover that all humanity is not erased. They notice 100 survived warriors called "natives". The young people quickly discover that they are hostile to earthlings and that they must come together to survive.

Tough times on earth begin

Then 100 finds themselves as a clan trying to survive in the world, and took their share in this power struggle. Reapers, another clan transformed into cannibals by mountain men, mountain men; and the mountain men living in Mount Weather, under the leadership of Bellamy and Clarke, attempt to survive 100 harsh world conditions, fight enemy lands, and communicate with the Ark.

Season two

In season two, 48 of the remaining 100 people were captured and taken to MountWeather by mountain men. The bodies of mountain men were not adapted to cope with the radiation left on the earth, and it turns out that they gave blood transfusions from imprisoned clans as an anti-radiation therapy. Over 100 medical tests show an even stronger anti-radiation efficacy: bone marrow is discovered to be a drug that will allow mountain men to survive outside.

Third Season

In season three, the Alpha Station is renamed ARKADIA, when a former teacher, his mentor at Pike and Ark, is elected president and the war with Earthlings begins, the new administration takes a very harsh stance. Pike uses very dangerous methods, which further damaged the fragile relationships with the land. It turns out that the artificial intelligence called ALIE, created to make life better for humanity, started the nuclear apocalypse devastating the world to solve the problem of overhuman population. AI is capturing the minds of almost everyone in the 100's capital city of Arkadia and Polis. In the third season finale, Clarke manages to destroy ALI e.

Fourth Season

In season four, hundreds of nuclear reactors around the world are starting to collapse due to decades of neglect that will make 96 percent of the planet uninhabitable. Clarke and others are looking for ways to get rid of the radiation wave. When it is discovered that earthlings with Black blood, known as Night Blood, are able to metabolize radiation, Clarke and others try to recreate the formula, but they cannot test it. As the new apocalypse approaches, clans discover an ancient shelter that could protect 1,200 people for 5 years; each of the twelve clans chooses a hundred people to stay in the bunker. A small group decides to return to space and try to survive in the remains of the ship.

Film Nominations and Awards

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films Academy, USA 2015

Saturn Awarded - Best youth focused TV series

IGN Summer Film Awards 2015

IGN Award Winner - Best TV Sci-Fi Series

The 100 Photos

The 100 TV Series All Seasons and Episodes

The 100 How Many Seasons?

It consists of 4 Seasons.

The 100 How Many Episodes?

It consists of 58 sections.

The 100 Season 1 Episodes

Nearly 100 years after a nuclear holocaust hit the planet, resources are running low on a space station with survivors and their children.
  • Section 1 Pilot Episode
  • 97 years after the nuclear disaster, a hundred young prisoners are sent from a dying space station to test whether Earth is habitable.
  • Chapter 2 World Skills
  • Discovering that Jasper may still be alive, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Finn and Monty embark on a mission to find their friends.
  • Chapter 3 Deadly world
  • A rapidly spreading, toxic fog endangers his mission to find a substance that could save Jasper's life. Clarke learns the truth about her father's betrayal.
  • Chapter 4 Murphy's Law
  • After an unexpected death, Clarke and Finn grow closer. Bellamy must keep the group from falling into each other. Abby takes a huge risk.
  • Chapter 5 Twilight's Last Gleaming
  • After uncovering Kane's plan to reduce Ark's population, Abby and Jaha realize that at least some of the 100s may still be alive.
  • Chapter 6 Sister's Keeper
  • Bellamy and his crew enter the Earthmen's territory while searching for Octavia, while Raven notices the deep bond between Finn and Clarke.
  • Chapter 7 Under pressure
  • Abby guides Clarke through a dangerous process, while Diana Sydney takes her place as Minister. Kane suffers from his final decision.
  • Chapter 8 Day Trip
  • Some of the 100 lose touch with reality after eating hallucinogens. One of them was given the task of killing. Diana Sydney's betrayal is exposed.
  • Chapter 9 Unity Day
  • While the others prepare for war, Clarke and Finn try to broker peace with the Earth People. Meanwhile, a tragedy strikes the Unity Day celebrations.
  • Chapter 10 Worlds Destroyer
  • John Murphy returns, claiming he was held captive by the Earth Men. Clarke and Bellamy have other plans to deal with this situation.
  • Chapter 11 Silence
  • Clarke and Finn lead the hunt for food, while Raven makes a very tempting offer to Bellamy. Kane reunites Jaha and Abby at risk for his life.
  • Chapter 12 We Are the People of the Earth: Part 1
  • Clarke and Finn encounter a new enemy. While those in Ark face the inevitable; Bellamy makes a heroic move to save Jasper.
  • Chapter 13 We Are the People of the Earth: Part 2
  • As the contention escalates, Clarke presses Bellamy to do the right thing. Octavia makes a tough choice. Raven and Jasper compete against time.
  • The 100 Season 2 episodes

    The post-apocalyptic drama continues with some of the 100 waking up after the attempt to escape from the landing ship and the Mount Weather incident.
  • Section 1 48
  • Trapped in the white room, Clarke tries to understand her surroundings. Survivors face moral and physical dilemmas. An old enemy returns.
  • Chapter 2 The Secret of Weather
  • Suspicious, Clarke confronts President Dante Wallace and asks for answers. Kane interrogates one of the 100s. Meanwhile, Abby performs an emergency surgery.
  • Chapter 3 Harvesters
  • After Clarke makes a terrifying discovery about the Mount Weather hospital, she collaborates with an unexpected ally. Abby confesses a crime.
  • Chapter 4 Happy Reunions
  • After a betrayal, Clarke takes the reins. Bellamy, Finn and Murphy try to save a stranger. Tensions rise between Raven and Wick.
  • Chapter 5 Human Experiments
  • Kane leads his mission to make peace with the People of the Earth. Jasper joins a risky experiment and President Dante Wallace issues a warning.
  • Chapter 6 Fog of War
  • As Raven learns that Mount Weather is causing communication problems, tension builds between Clarke and Finn. Traitors surround President Wallace.
  • Chapter 7 In the grip of evil
  • Abby is ready to darken her eyes to protect her people from the onslaught of the Earth People. Meanwhile, Bellamy and Octavia share a shocking secret with Clarke.
  • Chapter 8 Space Walk
  • There is a riot over Finn's actions, while Abby and the others decide to hand him over to Earthlings to judge or torture him.
  • Chapter 9 Remember me
  • With the newly formed alliance between the Sky People and the Earth People under threat, Clarke makes a deal with Lexa and Indra.
  • Chapter 10 The Strong Survives
  • Clarke and Lexa encounter a new enemy, Bellamy and Lincoln work together to enter Mount Weather, and Indra makes a tempting offer to Octavia.
  • Chapter 11 The Last Blow
  • Bellamy and Lincoln's actions have very violent consequences. Abby fights for control, and a desperate Jasper confronts President Wallace.
  • Chapter 12 Road Of No Return
  • Tensions between Clarke and Abby reach their peak. While helping Bellamy find Mount Raven Weather, Jaha and Murphy encounter a stranger.
  • Chapter 13 Resurrection
  • Clarke questions Lexa's decisions as a leader. While Jasper assumes a leadership role, Abby is hesitant to help the injured Kane.
  • Chapter 14 Lies and Secrets
  • Desperate for help, Raven summons Wick. Jaha and Murphy encounter a dangerous roadblock on their way. Bellamy competes against time on Mount Weather.
  • Chapter 15 Blood Against Blood: Part 1
  • As Clarke and Lexa prepare for battle, Raven and Wick face a major hurdle. Meanwhile, Octavia and Lincoln have to make a tough decision.
  • Chapter 16 Blood Against Blood: Part 2
  • As the journey to the City of Light continues, Jaha makes a move that shocks Murphy. Clarke faces unexpected help, and Lincoln gets his revenge.
  • The 100 Season 3 episodes

    At the end of the war, while trying to regain balance, the survivors are strained by emotional breakdown, changing policies and new threats.
  • Section 1 Wanheda: Part 1
  • Bellamy and Kane set out to save Clarke, who has been awarded her head. Murphy runs into Jaha at the mansion.
  • Chapter 2 Wanheda: Part 2
  • Bellamy and Kane risk their lives to save Clarke. Abby considers opening Mount Weather as a medical facility. Murphy plots a betrayal.
  • Chapter 3 The Inside
  • As Clarke grapples with a tough decision, Bellamy learns that something is not what it seems.
  • Chapter 4 Coup
  • Clarke reveals the architect of a clever plan. While Kane tries to keep the peace, Jasper gets out of control.
  • Chapter 5 Blood Field
  • Clarke tries to stop a growing war as Pike tightens control. A familiar face returns to Arcadia with a new mission. Murphy plays a risky game.
  • Chapter 6 Bitter Harvest
  • Clarke must choose between revenge and peace. Octavia and Kane team up, and Abby worries about Raven.
  • Chapter 7 Frontend
  • Clarke makes a discovery that changes everything. Lexa tries to maintain stability among clans. A dark secret about the past is revealed.
  • Chapter 8 Terms and Conditions
  • As Kane tries to find a peaceful solution, he realizes that he must take a more effective course. Raven asks for Jasper's help.
  • Chapter 9 Stealing Fire
  • While Clarke makes an alarming discovery, Octavia must make a decision with dire consequences. Abby and Kane have a passionate moment.
  • Chapter 10 Drop
  • Jaha takes a scary path to bring Abby with her. Bellamy faces a difficult truth and Monty falls into a dangerous situation.
  • Chapter 11 Never again
  • As Jasper's anger builds, Raven's dark side emerges under the influence of ALIE. Octavia tries to understand her place in the world.
  • Chapter 12 Demons
  • Jaha returns to the Police and Murphy runs into an unexpected person. Meanwhile, Octavia uncovers a clue.
  • Chapter 13 Join or Die
  • Clarke embarks on a mission that could change everything. Murphy learns something important to help him survive, while Kane comes to the end of his patience.
  • Chapter 14 Red sky
  • While Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper face a devastating hurdle, Raven and Monty make an important discovery.
  • Chapter 15 Reverse Embodiment: Part 1
  • In episode 1 of the two-episode season finale, Clarke finds hope in an unexpected place. Meanwhile, ALIE's plan begins to form.
  • Chapter 16 Final: Inverse Reconstruction: Part 2
  • Facing the reality of their tragic situation in episode 2 of the two-part season finale, the group prepares for a final showdown.
  • The 100 Season 4 Episodes

    Skaikru must find a way to prevent abandoned nuclear reactors from emitting radiation to poison the Earth and bring about an end to the planet.
  • Section 1 Echoes
  • Trapped in Polis and surrounded by enemy Azgeda, Clarke devises a risky plan. Meanwhile, Raven realizes a terrifying new threat that will affect everyone.
  • Chapter 2 Crown Weight Too Much
  • Trying to gain time for Shaikru's secret business, Roan sets a risky attitude. Bellamy and Clarke face tough choices that affect everyone's lives.
  • Chapter 3 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • As radiation approaches, Jaha takes Clarke and Bellamy on an almost impossible mission to find shelter. Roan sends Octavia to recover the stolen Fire.
  • Chapter 4 Hiding a Lie
  • Clarke's lies spark a rebellion. Abby goes on a dangerous quest to find Karakan. When the alliance between clans breaks down, Octavia faces a showdown.
  • Chapter 5 Risky Situation
  • When the alliance breaks down, Roan and his Azgeda army march towards Skaikru's base. Desperate to prevent all-out war, Clarke takes a desperate gamble.
  • Chapter 6 We will rise
  • Clarke and Roan embark on a dangerous journey to supply the fuel essential for Raven's Karakan mission. Octavia faces her revenge that devoured her.
  • Chapter 7 A place to hide
  • As deadly black rain falls, Abby seeks a last resort to treat the radiation. Octavia gets closer to Ilian. Bellamy faces a life-or-death decision.
  • Chapter 8 God Complex
  • With time running out, Clarke makes a daring move to find a cure. Seeking a secret sanctuary, Kane and Jaha encounter a mysterious riddle of a judgment day cult.
  • Chapter 9 Do Not Return To Life
  • Betrayal and hostility lead clans into a deadly showdown. Octavia fights to leave her violent past behind. Raven chooses her own destiny.
  • Chapter 10 Seve Seve Die
  • Warriors from Octavia, Roan, and all other clans face off in a ceremonial fight to the death to gain control of the bunker. But not everyone follows the rules.
  • Chapter 11 The Other Side
  • Octavia distracts the clans while Bellamy defies Clarke's shelter plan. Monty tries to save Jasper. Raven's discovery provides an unexpected source of hope.
  • Chapter 12 The elected
  • Clarke and Bellamy go on a dangerous mission to save Raven. Kane and Jaha clash with each other as they choose survivors. Abby makes an important decision.
  • Chapter 13 Praimfaya
  • Octavia takes command of the bunker while Praimfaya takes hold. Raven leads Clarke's team in their last-minute fight for survival.
  • The 100 Season 5 episodes

    After the horrific destruction caused by Praimfaya, war with a new enemy is inevitable for perhaps the only piece of land that can be lived on Earth.
  • Section 1 Eden
  • Struggling to survive alone in a world ravaged by Praimfaya, Clarke makes a surprising discovery and encounters a dangerous new threat.
  • Chapter 2 Red Queen
  • Octavia sheds blood to consolidate her leadership when the bunker turns into a battlefield due to fierce tension between the over-capacity crowd and clans.
  • Chapter 3 Sleeping Giants
  • Diyoza's invaders hunt down Clarke to take over the valley. Raven's team makes an alarming discovery aboard the mysterious ship in orbit.
  • Chapter 4 Pandora's Box
  • A weak alliance comes to the brink of collapse during the mission to rescue the bunkers. Raven and Murphy face a terrifying choice aboard Eligius 4.
  • Chapter 5 Danger in the Sand
  • Diyoza puts Abby to an exam as the conflict between her soldiers grows. Octavia clashes with Clarke. Meanwhile, Clarke discovers a terrifying new threat.
  • Chapter 6 Exit Wounds
  • Diyoza's surprise proposal puts Octavia's authoritarian rule to face a test. Clarke enlists an unlikely ally to help protect Madi.
  • Chapter 7 Acceptable Losses
  • Learning Octavia's brutal plan to take over the valley, Clarke turns to Indra for help. Echo forces Raven to launch Monty's cyber attack.
  • Chapter 8 This Way We Will Make Peace
  • While Octavia finalizes her war plans, Clarke plays a dangerous game to prevent war. Making huge progress, Abby turns to Raven for help.
  • Chapter 9 Tyrants Are Doomed to Lose
  • Murphy's triggered events have dire consequences in Shallow Valley. Splits within Wonkru increase. Moreover, these divisions seem to be permanent.
  • Chapter 10 Warriors Will Save the World
  • Clarke struggles to protect Madi. Octavia forces Bellamy, Indra and Gaia into a bloody showdown. Abby fights a desperate personal struggle.
  • Chapter 11 The Dark Year
  • Clarke struggles to save Abby. Meanwhile, Abby reveals a terrifying secret to her about what happened in the bunker. Armies prepare for a great battle for Shallow Valley.
  • Chapter 12 Democles: part 1
  • After the war begins, a betrayal leads to disaster. Madi disagrees with Clarke about Wonkru's fate. Octavia faces the consequences of her recklessness.
  • Chapter 13 Democles: part 2
  • After the disaster at the pass, Wonkru assembles for a final attack under the leadership of Madi. McCreary's maniacal plan changes everyone's destiny.
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