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Release date

Imdb Point: 7.3

87.721 People voted

How Many Seasons: 3

How Many Sections: 35


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

Star Trek: The Subject of Discovery

After a century of silence, a great war broke out between the Federation and the Kingdoms of Klingon. At the center of the brawl is a Starfleet officer who has lost his worth.

Star Trek: Discovery Trailer

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Star Trek: Discovery Cast

Player Name:
Sonequa Martin-Green
Series Role:
Michael burnham
Player Name:
Doug jones
Series Role:
Player Name:
Anthony Rapp
Series Role:
Paul stamets
Player Name:
Mary wiseman
Series Role:
Sylvia tilly
Player Name:
Emily Coutts
Series Role:
Lt. Keyla Detmer
Player Name:
Oyin Oladejo
Series Role:
Lt. Joann Owosekun
Player Name:
Patrick Kwok-Choon
Series Role:
Lt. Gen Rhys

Learn More About Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery is an American television series created by Brian Fuller and Alex Kurtzman for the CBS all Access streaming service. Launched in 2017, it is the first script developed specifically for this service. The seventh series in the Star Trek franchise was the first series in the franchise since Star Trek: Enterprise ended in 2005. Star Trek: Discovery begins about a decade before the events of the original Star Trek franchise and follows the USS Discovery crew on various adventures.

Sonequa Martin-Green starred as Michael Burnham, a female scientist on discovery. He also stars Michelle Yeoh, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Jason Isaacs, Wilson Cruz, Anson Mount, David Ajala and Rachael Ancheril throughout the series. The series was announced in November 2015 and Fuller acted as an entertainer from February to October 2016, but left with CBS due to creative differences. It was replaced by Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts, with support from Akiva Goldsman. Goldsman did not return after the first season, while Berg and Harberts were fired by CBS during the production of the second; Kurtzman took over as the showman and was attended by Michelle Paradise for the third season.

Star Trek: Discovery was produced by CBS Television Studios in conjunction with Secret Hideout, Roddenberry Entertainment and Living Dead Guy Productions. It was shot at the Pinewood Toronto studios in Toronto, Canada and around the world. The designs of the Star Trek series have been reinvented so that the series can take advantage of modern techniques and visual effects. The series premiered on September 24, 2017 on CBS and CBS All Access. The remainder of the first 15-episode season aired weekly on all Access, which ended in February 2018. The 14-episode second season aired on All Access from January to April 2019, and the 13-episode third season will run from October 2020 to January 2021. The fourth season was officially ordered in October 2020.

The release of the series led to the registration of subscriptions for all access and positive reviews from critics highlighting Martin-Green's performance. He has received many awards, including winning the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award. The series began the expansion of the Star Trek franchise by CBS and Kurtzman, leading to the production of many other series. These include the accompanying Star Trek: Short Treks series and the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Section 31 spin-off series.

Star Trek: Discovery Photos

Star Trek: Discovery Series All Seasons and Episodes

Star Trek: Discovery How Many Seasons?

It consists of 3 seasons.

Star Trek: Discovery How Many Episodes?

It consists of 35 sections.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episodes

After a century of silence, a great war broke out between the Federation and the Kingdoms of Klingon. At the center of the brawl is a Starfleet officer who has lost his worth.
  • Section 1 Vulcan Salute
  • Lt Col Michael Burnham of the Federation starship Shenzhou disagrees with the captain's peaceful attitude when his ships encounter enemy forces.
  • Chapter 2 War in the Binary Star System
  • Escaping from the cell while the ship is under attack, Burnham teams up with the captain to implement a risky plan to end a collision that is rapidly turning into war.
  • Chapter 3 Context Is For Kings
  • Captain Gabriel Lorca of the mysterious USS Discovery orders Michael, whose ship he has detained, to join a dangerous rescue mission.
  • Chapter 4 Sheep in Life Trouble, Butcher in Meat Problem
  • Voq faces a great challenge while pursuing T'Kuvma's dream. Meanwhile, Michael discovers something that could solve the ship's propulsion problems.
  • Chapter 5 Choose your pain
  • Lorca is kidnapped by the Klingons and is imprisoned with an eccentric cellmate. Despite Michael's doubts, Discovery is tasked with rescuing the captain.
  • Chapter 6 Forgetfulness
  • Michael uses his connection with Sarek to find out where Sarek was injured in an assassination attempt. Lorca deals with an unexpected visitor.
  • Chapter 7 This Magic Will Make the Smartest Man Crazy
  • A face Lorca and Captain Tyler know from the Klingon prison ship attacks the Discovery. This person's purpose is to give the ship to those who previously captured them.
  • Chapter 8 If You Want Peace Be Ready For War
  • Michael, Ash and Saru explore a planet with special communication properties. Lorca goes to war. Admiral Cornwell tries to escape.
  • Chapter 9 Dive into the Forest
  • Ignoring the direct order, Lorca sends Burnham and Tyler to the enemy's mother ship. Their task is to disable the Klingon's invisibility device from inside the ship.
  • Chapter 10 Despite Himself
  • As Tyler struggles to deal with post-traumatic stress, a sports bike failure traps Discovery in an alternate universe. Many roles are reversed in this universe.
  • Chapter 11 The Wolf Inside
  • Tilly proposes a radical way to save Stamets. Michael goes up against the emperor to contact the mysterious leader of a secret rebel camp.
  • Chapter 12 Excessive Passion
  • Trapped in the mycelial network, Stamets' path crosses a pair of familiar faces. Michael struggles with his emotions after meeting the Emperor.
  • Chapter 13 The Past Determines the Future
  • When Lorca starts a rebellion on the emperor's ship, whose true intentions are revealed, Michael is torn between his two former captains due to a sense of loyalty.
  • Chapter 14 War Outside, War Inside
  • Returning to their own universe, the Discovery crew learns that the Federation is losing the war against the Klingons and requires a desperate new plan.
  • Chapter 15 Would you hold my hand?
  • Starfleet orders a risky operation on Klingon's home planet that could lead to a victorious end to the war. But Michael questions the moral side of the mission.
  • Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episodes

    Mysterious events in different parts of the galaxy cause Discovery to embark on a new mission with the temporary captain. This captain is Christopher Pike of Enterprise.
  • Section 1 Brother
  • Starfleet assigns Captain Christopher Pike to Discovery's command to investigate the strange bursts of energy happening in a remote corner of the galaxy.
  • Chapter 2 New heaven
  • A new signal pulls Discovery to a remote planet. The inhabitants of this planet are descendants of people who survived a war on Earth centuries ago.
  • Chapter 3 Point of Light
  • The mess on the Klingon home planet requires the intervention of a secret Starfleet unit. Burnham hosts a family member looking for answers.
  • Chapter 4 Coin for Charon
  • Discovery gets stuck inside a sphere that is likely to have intelligence. A physical transformation forces Saru. A hostile entity takes over Tilly.
  • Chapter 5 Flawlessness Saints
  • With the help of old friends who now work in Episode 31, Discovery embarks on a perilous mission to save Tilly from the mycelial web.
  • Chapter 6 Thunder Sound
  • The appearance of a new red explosion near Saru's world causes Discovery to come face-to-face with Ba'ul, the planet's dominant species.
  • Chapter 7 Light and Shadows
  • Burnham goes to Vulkan in search of Spock. Meanwhile, Pike teams up with Tyler to investigate the time rift phenomenon that got there with the Red Angel.
  • Chapter 8 If Memories Help
  • Burnham takes Spock to the forbidden planet Talos 4. He hopes that the mysterious inhabitants of this place can correct his brother's mind. Pike opposes Episode 31.
  • Chapter 9 Daedalus Project
  • Admiral Cornwell gives the Discovery's crew a task to arrest one of the leaders of Division 31. Spock tries to understand why the Red Angel chose him as a target.
  • Chapter 10 Red Angel
  • After a surprising discovery of the Red Angel's origins, the Discovery crew devises a plan to take over the entity, risking Michael's life.
  • Chapter 11 Eternal Infinity
  • Starfleet fights to prevent AI Control from taking possession of the Sphere's data. However, this struggle has a devastating outcome.
  • Chapter 12 From the Valley of the Shadows
  • Another signal takes Discovery to the Klingon planet Boreth. A valuable resource present shows Pike a shocking vision of his future.
  • Chapter 13 What a Sweet Sorrow
  • The Discovery crew abandon ship as a Division 31 fleet is heading towards them. Michael offers what he expects to be his last mission.
  • Chapter 14 What A Sweet Sorrow: Part 2
  • As a new time outfit begins to take shape, Spock and Michael come to an agreement. Captain Pike is faced with enormous powers and diminishing options.
  • Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episodes

    This season, the Discovery crew will literally go where no one has gone before, 930 years later, and will find it different from what they left the Federation.
  • Section 1 Hope is you, part 1
  • Leaving the wormhole and finding himself in the distant future, Michael meets a mysterious courier named Book and learns what happened to the Federation long before him.
  • Chapter 2 Away From Home
  • Arriving in the 32nd century, Discovery suffers damage during a forced landing on an ice-covered planet. While the crew repairs the ship, Saru and Tilly head to a nearby settlement.
  • Chapter 3 People of the World
  • Michael joins the Discovery crew. On Earth, where they go on a message, Saru ensures a ceasefire. Stamets meets a person with an unusual past.
  • Chapter 4 Remember me
  • Michael accompanies Adira on Trill's journey to recover past life memories of the symbiosis. Saru organizes a dinner for the bridge officers.
  • Chapter 5 Die by Trying
  • Discovery finds the remainder of the Starfleet and the cautious commander in chief of the fleet, Admiral Vance. Despite all his doubts, the Admiral gives the crew his first new assignment.
  • Chapter 6 Collectors
  • Book's ship is revealed without him. Michael then defies an order to launch a rescue operation to a world controlled by the vile Emerald Chain.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Reviews

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