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Imdb Point: 7.0

17.911 People voted

How Many Seasons: 2

How Many Sections: 26


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

Salvation Topic

A graduate student from MIT and a tech billionaire work together in a campaign to prevent the asteroid from hitting Earth.

Salvation Trailer

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Salvation Players

Player Name:
Santiago Cabrera
Series Role:
Darius Tanz
Player Name:
Jennifer finnigan
Series Role:
Grace barrows
Player Name:
Charlie rowe
Series Role:
Liam Cole
Player Name:
Jacqueline byers
Series Role:
Jillian Hayes
Player Name:
Ian Anthony Dale
Series Role:
Harris Edwards
Player Name:
Rachel drance
Series Role:
Zoe barrows

Detailed Information About Salvation

Salvation is an American thriller drama television series that premiered on July 12, 2017. An official trailer of Salvation was released on May 10, 2017. The series was first announced to be developed in September 2013, but in October 2016, it received an order for a 13-episode straight series. On October 18, 2017, CBS renewed the series for a second season of 13 episodes that premiered on June 25, 2018. On November 20, 2018, CBS canceled the series after two seasons.

Salvation Netflix Series

Salvation Photos

All Seasons and Episodes of Salvation Series

How Many Seasons of Salvation?

It consists of 2 seasons.

How Many Episodes of Salvation?

It consists of 26 sections.

Salvation Season 1 Episodes

A graduate student from MIT and a tech billionaire work together to prevent an asteroid from hitting the Earth.
  • Section 1 Pilot Episode
  • Discovering an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, MIT graduate student Liam Cole turns to tech billionaire Darius Tanz for help.
  • Chapter 2 Another Day in the World
  • Liam and Darius try to invent a theoretically impossible technology to protect the planet from the impact of the asteroid.
  • Chapter 3 Truth or Darius
  • Darius must speed up his work on the EM drive. Grace is shocked to learn that even the Pentagon's best plan could kill billions of people.
  • Chapter 4 The human race
  • Darius is arrested on suspicion of infiltrating NASA. After asking her some questions, Grace goes to Tanz Industry to continue her research.
  • Chapter 5 A Matter of Faith
  • Darius and Grace identify the mole. It becomes clear that another country is trying to take control of the asteroid.
  • Chapter 6 Pear Falls Down
  • As the risks rise, Harris and Liam set out to extract a crystal that they can use to make a new EM propulsion.
  • Chapter 7 Great Anger
  • The tension between America and Russia comes to the fore. National interests confront the big picture with subordination.
  • Chapter 8 From Russia With Love
  • During an informal visit to Russia, Grace and Darius discover that their situation is more uncertain than they thought.
  • Chapter 9 Dangerous Games
  • A leaked news makes diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia more complicated, putting their plans to protect the planet at risk.
  • Chapter 10 The Last Blow
  • Unable to reach the president, Darius decides to force the president to contact him and organizes a press conference to make an announcement to do so.
  • Chapter 11 Risking Everything
  • When the acting president decides to classify the hackers as a terrorist group, Harris and Grace worry about their children's safety.
  • Chapter 12 Wormwood Prophecy
  • Harris, Grace and Darius begin their own investigations into the conspiracy involving high levels of government.
  • Chapter 13 Conspiracy Against America
  • An American naval ship off Florida is attacked. Grace, Harris, Liam and Darius race against time to save humanity from annihilation.
  • Salvation Season 2 Episodes

    After the public learns of the impending asteroid threat, the struggle to protect and restore order takes on greater urgency for Darius and Grace.
  • Section 1 Nuclear Fallout
  • Liam hatches a new plan. Being closed for a long time adversely affects those in the ship hangar. Darius gets a new title. DİRENN sends a message to the world.
  • Chapter 2 Softening Policy
  • Darius prepares for a dangerous journey with high risks. Grace worries she's seeing unrealistic things. Liam's path crosses with a mysterious scientist.
  • Chapter 3 Crime and Punishment
  • Grace faces a crisis of conscience as Bennett tries to justify himself outside the Supreme Court building. Liam's idea comes under criticism.
  • Chapter 4 Indivisible Integrity
  • The investigation into Claire's disappearance gains momentum as social unrest continues to damage the fabric of the nation.
  • Chapter 5 White House Under Attack
  • As the streets fill with angry crowds, Grace and Alonzo scramble to get a vital record to safety. The White House is under lock and key.
  • Chapter 6 Secrets Revealed
  • Mackenzie struggles to end the encroachment in the country. However, not everyone is ready to forget the past and continue their lives where they left off. Darius tries out his new toy.
  • Chapter 7 King Tanz's Frenzy
  • Finding himself in the uncharted waters of politics, Darius vows to avenge a painful loss. Harris makes a disturbing discovery.
  • Chapter 8 Open your eyes
  • When Darius disappears in the White House, authorities scramble to find him before he gets hurt. Liam gets help from an unexpected place.
  • Chapter 9 Manchurian Candidate
  • As Liam struggles to reconnect with Jillian, Darius contemplates both his political future and his family's dark past.
  • Chapter 10 Captives
  • Darius makes an offer to Alycia, who is caught by the authorities. Grace makes a disturbing phone call. Jillian ignores Liam's concerns.
  • Chapter 11 Celebration Day
  • Chaos ensues at a press conference as Darius delivers much-needed good news. The search for Jillian and Zoe continues increasingly.
  • Chapter 12 Desperate Move
  • As the planet quickly falls into chaos, Darius makes a shocking decision. Harris makes an offer to Grace to save both her and Zoe.
  • Chapter 13 Get Ready
  • Rising again as the world prepares for the asteroid impact, Darius searches for the key to halt a disastrous White House plot.
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