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Release date

Imdb Point: 7.9

18.324 People voted

How Many Seasons: 4

How Many Sections: 52


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

Queen of the South Plot

Forced to work for the murdered cartel, Teresa must believe in her experiences in the city, her loyal friend, and a mysterious notebook in order to survive.

Queen of the South Trailer

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Queen of the South Cast

Player Name:
Alice braga
Series Role:
Teresa mendoza
Player Name:
Hemky Madera
Series Role:
Pote Galvez
Player Name:
Peter gadiot
Series Role:
Player Name:
Veronica falcón
Series Role:
Camila Vargas
Player Name:
Nick sagar
Series Role:
Detective Alonzo Loya
Player Name:
Molly burnett
Series Role:
Kelly Anne Van Awken

Detailed Information About Queen of the South

Queen of the South is an American crime drama television series developed by MA Fortin and Joshua John Miller. The series premiered on the USA Network on June 23, 2016, and is an adaptation of the telenovela La Reina del Sur, aired on the US telemundo sister network; Both are adapted from the novel la Reina del Sur by the Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte. The series was renewed for the fifth season on 29 August 2019, and the production of the new season was suspended indefinitely on 14 March 2020 due to covid-19.

Queen of the South Photos

Series Queen of the South Full Season and Episodes

Queen of the South How Many Season?

It consists of 4 Seasons.

Queen of the South How Many Episodes?

It consists of 52 sections.

Queen of the south Season 1 Episodes

Forced to work for the cartel that killed her lover, Teresa must rely on her experiences in the city, a loyal friend and a mysterious notebook to survive.
  • Section 1 Pilot Episode
  • Working in a foreign exchange business in Mexico, Teresa falls in love with drug dealer Güero. However, when Güero is killed a year later, he escapes from his enemies and comes to Dallas.
  • Chapter 2 40 minutes
  • Not wanting to be a prostitute, Teresa gets tested when she offers to become a drug courier. Brenda and her son try to escape from Epifanio's men in Mexico.
  • Chapter 3 Login Strategy
  • Proving her loyalty to Camila, Teresa impresses her smuggler boss thanks to a special skill she learned while working in a foreign exchange business in Mexico.
  • Chapter 4 Flower Blooming in the Dark
  • Teresa has to think fast when her first delivery alone doesn't go as planned. Camila tries to lure her husband's business partners with him.
  • Chapter 5 A Spirit. A Map. Two Futures.
  • Teresa infiltrates a crazy party at a mansion to set a trap for the murder of a rival drug lord. Brenda sees a business opportunity right outside her motel.
  • Chapter 6 Deception is the Rule
  • After Epifanio notifies the DEA about the goods from Colombia, Camila contemplates an idea that will make up for the huge loss and also concerns Teresa.
  • Chapter 7 Bird Man
  • Teresa visits the immigration lawyer. James and Teresa are ambushed after Camila sends them to collect money from a stash to pay the Colombians.
  • Chapter 8 Magic Ticket
  • Brenda and her team try to make meth. Teresa disguises herself as a hotel cleaner as part of James' plot to steal 25kg of cocaine from friends.
  • Chapter 9 Buy As Much As You Can
  • Teresa takes action to help the hotel cleaner, who learns she is going to be murdered, escape to safety. Someone from Florida comes to avenge his brother.
  • Chapter 10 This 'Thing' We Have
  • Teresa is greeted in Mexico by Maria's angry relatives. These relatives complicate Güero's plans to get his notebook. Camila reunites with her estranged husband.
  • Chapter 11 Point of No Return
  • Brenda visits the Bird Man at her home and makes him an offer. Both are unaware that James is aiming his sniper rifle at the key man.
  • Chapter 12 Five hundred thousand
  • The coordinates lead Teresa and Brenda to a shocking find. James leads a mission to expel a Jimenez cartel key from the DEA's safe house.
  • Chapter 13 Wound
  • When Epifanio learns that his men are on Camila's side, she retaliates in an unexpected way for Camilla. Learning about this, Teresa makes an offer to Camila.
  • Queen of the south Season 2 Episodes

    Teresa and Camila jointly set out to end Epifanio and build their own drug empire. One of Teresa's past comes back into her life.
  • Section 1 Body of Christ
  • Desiring to be Camila's partner, Teresa allies with a Texas smuggler ready to pull the trigger. Epifanio also involuntarily enters a new partnership.
  • Chapter 2 God and Lawyer
  • Camila sets her sights on a high-risk cartel horse race to earn the cash needed to start her business. Teresa encounters someone from her past.
  • Chapter 3 Deal with Satan
  • Flashback shows Güero what happened three months ago. Teresa and James embark on a risky mission to blow up Epifanio's drug trafficking tunnel.
  • Chapter 4 The Kiss of Judas
  • After learning that the Narcotics Branch is an informant, James sets a trap to find out who he is. A wedding in Sinaloa brings together Camila, Epifanio and Jiménez.
  • Chapter 5 The Birth of Bolivia
  • Teresa and her entourage travel to Bolivia to find the famous supplier El Santo. But this prey is complicated by a soldier waging a personal vendetta.
  • Chapter 6 Road to Death
  • Held captive by a heretical cult led by El Santo, Teresa is forced to make a terrible choice that causes her to lose her sense of reality.
  • Chapter 7 The Cost of Faith
  • Epifanio notices signs of danger next to his daughter. Camila and Teresa find a gangster who can carry a ton of cocaine, but they will have to steal it from Epifanio.
  • Chapter 8 A Bold Step
  • Unable to accept the no, Camila sends Teresa and her team to Chicago to give Devon Finch's taster a sample of mind-blowing cocaine.
  • Chapter 9 Love of Mother
  • Camila and Teresa meet with Devon Finch to negotiate, unaware they're being followed. At a memorial service in Sinaloa, Epifanio makes an offer to Boaz.
  • Chapter 10 Send Clowns
  • While searching for evidence to incriminate Camila among her husband's documents, Kelly Ann immediately finds something to show Teresa.
  • Chapter 11 Black Night of the Spirit
  • James's loyalty is tested while Teresa and Kelly Ann are on the run. A carelessness causes Agent Loya to chase the two escapes.
  • Chapter 12 Wounds Every Hour
  • To pay El Santo, Teresa hires an army to steal cocaine and cash from Camila's men. Camila's transfer to high security prison is interrupted.
  • Chapter 13 The Last Hour Kills
  • Isabela's video hints at her whereabouts. Teresa gets an unpleasant surprise when she goes to collect Devon Finch's cocaine payment.
  • Queen of the south Season 3 Episodes

    Finally free to build her own empire, Teresa must confront enemies old and new, threatening her dream and life.
  • Section 1 Monk
  • While Camila seeks revenge, Teresa settles in Malta and considers a tempting deal with a money laundering European.
  • Chapter 2 The Hanged Man
  • A familiar face reappears, helping Teresa escape from the assassins and the police. Not knowing who she can trust, Teresa plans her next move.
  • Chapter 3 Queen of Talismans
  • Teresa solidifies her agreement with her European connection. But when he finds out that his partner is missing more than cryptocurrency, he risks everything.
  • Chapter 4 Power
  • Teresa flee from Malta to Phoenix, Arizona for a fresh start. But his US base deals with local enemy cartel bosses and a corrupt sheriff.
  • Chapter 5 Awakening
  • An old foe in search of revenge and knowledge attacks Teresa's operation. Teresa has to decide who to stick with now.
  • Chapter 6 Lovers
  • Imprisoned, Teresa is reunited with a former close ally. The two plan their escape. Camila struggles to balance work, family, and revenge.
  • Chapter 7 Queen of Swords
  • Teresa mourns a devastating loss. However, the job has to continue. Meanwhile, facing a dangerous situation, Teresa forms an important alliance.
  • Chapter 8 Chariot
  • Teresa prepares for war and makes a deal with the devil after her plan to become the only drug dealer in Phoenix takes a bloody turn.
  • Chapter 9 Satan
  • As change shakes the two empires, Teresa makes a move against her enemies in Phoenix. Camila faces an uprising within her organization.
  • Chapter 10 Death
  • Teresa confronts her supplier, El Santo, in Bolivia after a mysterious invitation.
  • Chapter 11 Ten of Cups
  • Revealing the identity of a mole inside her operation, Teresa is forced to make a sad choice that pushes the limits of her loyalty.
  • Chapter 12 Justice
  • Ruthless enemies come together for common purposes. A failed rescue operation inspires a plan to rescue an ally and locate an enemy.
  • Chapter 13 world
  • After a surprise attack, Teresa counteracts to secure her empire and take down her enemies for sure.
  • Queen of the south Season 4 Episodes

    Moving her empire to New Orleans, Teresa sets out to become a legitimate business woman. But local gangsters and politicians pose a few hurdles for him.
  • Section 1 Welcome to New Orleans
  • Making a fresh start in New Orleans, Teresa soon encounters rivals, dirty politicians and a new dating candidate. A thief makes trouble in Sinaloa.
  • Chapter 2 Family Business
  • The fragile alliance between Raul and Teresa is tested by a delivery. Tony goes missing and disturbing clues emerge in his dorm.
  • Chapter 3 Southern Hospitality
  • Teresa runs into trouble with Joel, Marcel and Judge Lafayette over a risky purchase. Birdie proves to be a loyal friend. Problems arise during a happy reunion.
  • Chapter 4 A curse
  • Teresa and Eddie's date are interrupted when Marcel makes a move with fatal consequences. Boaz and Javier do some dirty work.
  • Chapter 5 Girls Night
  • Reaching a promising settlement, Teresa grapples with the painful consequences of an unwanted casualty. An unexpected new love flares up.
  • Chapter 6 Woman in the Mirror
  • Teresa's crew takes a heavy blow. Although Judge Lafayette pushes for a ceasefire, Marcel is determined to take revenge. Javier's risky relationship is exposed.
  • Chapter 7 A Tough Farewell
  • Eddie and Teresa's romantic trip to Nashville takes an unpleasant turn. Pote and Tony also run into problems as they spend some time man-man.
  • Chapter 8 Secrets and Lies
  • The revelation of an informant on Gordo's operation pushes Teresa's team to come up with a comprehensive plan. Tony learns the harsh truth about his father.
  • Chapter 9 Past Sins
  • With little time to stop the informant, Teresa and Pote resort to drastic measures. Emilia faces a difficult choice when questioned by Lafayette.
  • Chapter 10 Your Deepest Fear
  • When Kelly Anne discovers the betrayal of a banker, it's time for reckoning. With the support of Pote and Teresa, Tony embarks on a new life. A tragedy occurs.
  • Chapter 11 While you're asleep
  • A terrifying surprise has far-reaching consequences. Javier and Boaz have a bloody showdown over Emilia.
  • Chapter 12 Goddess of war
  • Seeking vengeance, Teresa encounters a female opponent as she tries to find the killer and make her pay for her actions despite betrayals and death threats.
  • Chapter 13 They Are After You
  • Karma, confessions, and revenge have fatal consequences for both sides of the brutal war in New Orleans.
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