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Netflix and other internet broadcasts (Blu Tv, Puhu Tv) are also no longer free.

Is Netflix Censored? Unfortunately the answer to your question YES In this article, we will tell you how to make uncensored Netflix censorship settings. A regulation on the control of internet publishers was published recently. Netflix censorship has now begun. Not only Netflix, but also platforms broadcasting on the internet Will provide these services by obtaining a license from RTÜK. Broadcasters will also have to remove content that RTÜK does not deem appropriate from their catalogs, and will be responsible for informing the viewers about the content by using protective symbols, just like in TV broadcasts. Broadcasters will give 5 per thousand of their annual revenues to RTÜK every year.

Sansür Sonrası Netflix
Post-censorship Netflix

An explanation came from Netflix on the subject.

It stated: "Turkey is a very important market for us," the statement said. Netflix only we knew he designed a system to provide membership to use the turkey. In this membership, the content could only be watched on a mobile device and with a single concurrent session, and the membership fee would be around 15 TL. But I think Netflix has put this system in the background.

After all these explanations Netflix, Turkey is an important market for them, they closely follow developments expressed. Nevertheless, the exact language used in the statement made by the spokesman for Netflix, Netflix showed that undecided about my withdrawn from Turkey.

How do I watch Netflix uncensored?

Netflix Artık Sansürlü

If Netflix decides to stay in Turkey and began to publish content censored as possible to avoid it.

How Does ? As you know, the service is a world-class company that broadcasts content, and there are very few countries that censor its streaming (we are rapidly rising to the same class as North Korea!). Netflix to enter Turkey as if we are entering the country from an external We may gain access to uncensored content. The easiest way to do this too Using a VPN

How to get into Netflix with VPN?

The company is strictly against VPN use and constantly detects and blocks VPN IPs. It is difficult to fool him because he is dealing with this very intensely, and it is very difficult to access the service with VPN, and because the netflix vpn information is constantly spreading online, the information is also out of date.

Netflix VPN ile Sansürsüz
How to connect to Netflix with Vpn?

Pretty annoying, right? That's why we've compiled a list of the best working VPNs for accessing uncensored content.

Which VPN to use for censorship shutdown?

The bad news is that free VPN services it is impossible to achieve this with. But optimized for Netflix NordVPN gibi programlar mükemmel bir çözümdür. ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, PrivateVPN, Hotspot Shield gibi şeçenekleriniz de mevcut rahatlıkla kullanabilirsiniz. Birde iyi haberimiz var 😊 HEPSİ ücretsiz denemelere ve para iade garantilerine sahip, böylece para ödemeden  önce test edebilir sonuçları kendiniz görebilirsiniz.

In our tests, Nord VPN was the fastest connecting and problematic service, and you do not need to provide any subscription confirmation during the trial period.

Netflix uses the location of your IP address to determine what content you can access from TV shows and movies and TV shows. It also compares your IP address against a very large database to determine that you are connected to a known VPN server.

If you are using a VPN that cannot bypass these checks, you will get an error like this.
You are using an unblocker or proxy. Please try again after closing these services.

Netflix Proxy Hatası
Netflix Vpn Error

Netflix, içerik anlaşmalarına sağdık kalmak  için ve endüstrinin de baskısıyla VPN engellemeyi devreye soktu – Film stüdyoları ve TV kanalları, tüketicilerin içerikleri diğer bölgelerde görüntüleyebilmesinden memnun değildi.Ama bizim amacımız Netflix’i sansürsüz kullanmak olduğu için kendinizi etik olarak rahat hissedebilirsiniz 😀

Distribution rights for movies and TV shows such as House of Cards and Grey's Anatomy are held by local TV channels or other broadcasters; This means that you may miss out on the comfort of on-demand streaming or you have to pay a second subscription fee to watch.

For another example, the Harry Potter Series could be watched on Hulu in the past, but it was removed from here and started streaming on Netflix. However, it only became active in France and Belgium. You won't be able to watch them after you don't connect to Netflix's France and Belgium servers, which means that Harry Potter fans around the world will miss the series.

What features should a VPN have to access Netflix American TV shows and watch uncensored?

Below are VPNs that can access uncensored content and allow you to freely access content you want while protecting your privacy at military standards. The reasons we chose these VPNs;

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • They use military standard encryption 
  • Suitable for all devices (Smart TV, Mobile Phone, Pc Applications, Browser Extensions) and works smoothly
  • Support single sign-on 
  • Wide server network 
  • Keeping logs (full confidentiality)

1. Nord VPN

Here are you using Windows, macOS at home and Linux in your custom projects? Not a problem for Nord VPN. There is NordVPN app for these operating systems, and apps for iOS, Android, Android TV. It also has Chrome and Firefox extensions. Best of all, you can connect up to 6 devices at the same time with one NordVPN account!


Connecting to VPN City is easy, just slide the button to the right and you're connected! Be stealthy and become an online ninja in seconds. Do you want to hide online and appear in Amsterdam? How about New York… We've got you covered. Protect your privacy in various parts of the world.

VPNs that don't work with Netflix

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