Netflix Series and Movie Recommendations

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Netflix ranks above many streaming services in 2019. Blu Tv is already very strong against alternatives such as Puhu Tv and far ahead of its competitors outside of our country, Hobo, Disney, Hulu and Apple.

Tüm bu özelliklere rağmen insanlar sürekli Netflix yayın akışı problemleriyle uğraşmak zorunda kalıyor. Sunucularda bir sorun olabilir yada bazen durduk yere netflix smart tv’de yada Android cihazınızda açılmıyor olabilir yada belki sizi banlamıştır 🙂 Genelikle karşılaşılan ve zaman zamanda benim karşılaştığım sorunları ve çözümlerini sizin için derledik.

If one of these happened to you, let's look at the solution;

Check streaming services

Nowadays, as things become more automated and devices become more and more common in our lives, problems are increasing more and more, so it should come as no surprise that Netflix suddenly fails. If Netflix is not working on your computer, smart TV or smartphone, the first thing you should do is check the online status of the streaming service.

System failure check

As with many online streaming services, Netflix also increases the service status of the streaming service. to a private web page (You can check my netflix online by clicking here.) have. So whenever you run into any issues, first take a look at the Netflix server status page.

Benefit from Social Media

If you're trying to find the answer to the “Netflix not opening” Question, be sure to check the Netflix TR Twitter account. In such a situation, they will definitely make a Twitter announcement to inform people.

Netflix Turkey Twitter
Turkey Netflix, Twitter Page

Other Websites to Check for Netflix Streaming Problems

In addition to these methods, there are various websites that track the online / offline status of internet services. To check if you are the only one to use Netflix or there is a general problem  Down For Everyone Or Just Me You can visit the website or map the service status of all online services in the world DownDetector You can get help from the site.

Has Netflix Blocked Me?

Although it is a rare case, Netflix may have blocked your IP address, it is a problem that usually occurs in common shared networks (School, Shopping Mall, Company Buildings). It is very difficult to enter Netflix by changing the IP, but for this Netflix censorship shutdown In our article, we explained how you can enter from different ip addresses using VPN.

Why does Netflix not open on computer?

We have done our tests and now we know that there is no problem with Netflix streaming, so what operations can we do on the computer.

1- reset your browser data

Deleting browser data

Cfor hrome to the address bar chrome://settings/clearBrowserData You can reach the relevant window by typing or CTRL + H After pressing the keys together, you can clear your browser's history by following the clear your browsing history step in the left menu.

2 - Reset your Netflix App data for Windows 10

Netflix Windows 10 Settings Reset
Netflix Windows 10 Settings Reset

Check Your VPN Connection

Sometimes not opening issues when we try to watch something on Netflix are very simple. Something that happens very often to me, after checking a lot of things, I didn't realize that VPN was active on my computer. As a result, movies, TV shows and TV shows were not playing, but I was able to browse the catalog without any problems. Unfortunately, it took me a while to find out that this was the case.

This does not apply to every VPN connection.We talked about how to watch Netflix with VPN without getting caught in our Netflix censorship post, but if you're having trouble with Netflix, disabling your VPN is an action that should be tried.

Don't Forget Updates

Another technical suggestion that can help you is to make sure that your Windows 10 Netflix app (or web browser) and operating system are up to date. We do not recommend turning off windows automatic update. This will minimize any errors that may occur in the streaming service.

Check Your Netflix Watch Activity History

Netflix Watch History Activity
Netflix Watch History Activity

An incident that happened to me once You have reached the maximum number of devices that we can download Netflix content It was giving an error in the form. I was having problems in downloading. Whatever I did did not happen. Monitoring effectiveness When I checked my account was accessed from devices and smart TVs I did not know. I removed these devices from my account and changed my password. The problem was fixed.

Netflix Streaming Quality Is Very Bad

Default broadcast quality setting High set to

If for any reason the movies, TV shows and TV shows you watch are pixelated or shaky, you should check the default quality option. You can follow these steps:

Netflix Streaming Quality Settings
Netflix Streaming Quality Settings
  • Netflix to your account page go.
  • My Profile Go to section.
  • Execution Settings Click the link.
  • Here you can choose between Low, Medium and High quality options depending on the speed of your connection.
  • When the adjustments are done Save Click.

How to make quality settings on your Android and iOS device?

  • In the Netflix app More Tap.
  • Next, Account Click the button.
  • Netflix account page It will now open in the browser and the rest of the process will be the same as above.

Is Netflix Poor Quality or Stuck?

Check your internet speed! Now you've set your streaming quality to the highest setting, but if your Netflix TV shows or movies are still loading in poor quality. Then you may want to check the speed of your internet connection. Speed test Speed test (Netflix project) and You can use a few reliable tools such as.

Netflix Shows a Black Screen

Let's see how to fix Netflix black screen error (for Windows 10)

If you can hear the sound when you open Netflix in Windows 10 but see a black screen as an image, there may be a problem with your PC's graphics drivers. So, consider updating them. Doing Windows 10 updates will also install the best drivers for your hardware, along with important windows 10 updates.

If you have a black screen and you can't hear any sound, try disabling browser extensions that may be interfering with your Netflix playback.

If the problem persists, try deleting the Netflix cookies from your browser and scan your computer for possible malware with a reliable Antivirus program.

These were some common solutions that you can try when Netflix is not opening on your PC, Android, iOS device. We will continue to update this list.

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