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Imdb Point: 8.8

350.468 People voted

How Many Seasons: 3

How Many Sections: 30


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

Narcos Thread

In this rogue series, you'll watch the real lives of Colombia's dangerous and powerful drug cartels.

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Narcos Cast

Player Name:
Pedro Pascal
Series Role:
Player Name:
Wagner Moura
Series Role:
Player Name:
Boyd Holbrook
Series Role:
Player Name:
Alberto ammann
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Player Name:
Paulina Gaitan
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Juan Murcia
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Detailed Information About Narcos

Narcos is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro.


Staged and filmed in Colombia, seasons 1 and 2 are based on the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through cocaine production and distribution. The series also focuses on Escobar's interactions with drug lords, drug enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, and various opposition organizations. Season 3 begins after Escobar's fall and continues to pursue the DEA as he tries to shut down the rise of the infamous Cali Cartel.

Season 1, consisting of 10 episodes, originally aired exclusively for Netflix on August 28, 2015, and the series was renewed for a second season, which premiered with 10 episodes on September 2, 2016. On September 6, 2016, Netflix renewed the series for its third and fourth seasons. The season 3 premiere took place on September 1, 2017, but on July 18, 2018, the directors announced that season 4 will be season 1 of a new Netflix original series called Narcos: Mexico. announced that it will be reset. Released on November 16, 2018, the new series takes place in Mexico in the 1980s.

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Narcos Series All Seasons and Episodes

Narcos How Many Seasons?

It consists of 3 seasons.

Narcos How Many Episodes?

It consists of 30 sections.

Narcos Season 1 Episodes

As drug lord Pablo Escobar grows stronger, Colombian and US security forces find themselves fighting an enemy who could do anything for his empire.
  • Section 1 Descenso
  • Chilean drug chemist Cockroach brings his wares to Colombian smuggler Pablo Escobar. Narcotics agent Steve Murphy joins the drug fight in Bogotá.
  • Chapter 2 Simón Bolívar's Sword
  • Communist radical group M-19 takes action against drug dealers. Meanwhile, Murphy gets training in Colombian security forces from his new partner Peña.
  • Chapter 3 Men of all times
  • Murphy comes face-to-face with government corruption as he and Peña try to prove Escobar is in the drug business and end his passion for politics.
  • Chapter 4 Justice Palace on Fire
  • Despite the new deal on extradition, the U.S. spending more money on the war with communism poses new challenges for Murphy and Peña in pursuit of Pablo.
  • Chapter 5 We Will Have a Future
  • Pablo's unconventional methods put the drug dealers on the brink of war with Carrillo and the state. Peña tries to protect his witness, Elisa.
  • Chapter 6 Explosivos
  • Peña and Carrillo besieged Gacha. Meanwhile, Murphy tries to protect the extraditionist candidate Gaviria from the dangerous assassin linked to Pablo.
  • Chapter 7 You will find what you deserve
  • Pablo goes into hiding as the political wind blows against him, but he also finds a way to retaliate. Murphy and Peña can finally get the CIA's help.
  • Chapter 8 La Gran Mentira
  • A tragic mistake drives the state to change tactics in the war with Pablo. However, the real threat to Pablo is within his own kingdom.
  • Chapter 9 La Catedral
  • Murphy and Peña have other plans, although the work to catch Pablo seems to have ended after Pablo's deal with the government.
  • Chapter 10 Despegue
  • Pablo's actions in prison force the state to take extraordinary measures. There are new troubles at the head of Murphy and Peña.
  • Narcos Season 2 Episodes

    The Escobars overcome the difficulties of their life on the run. His enemies unite against Pablo. The Search Bloc's tactics are increasingly questionable.
  • Section 1 Decline
  • The enemies worry as the family reunites after the military action to arrest Pablo. Steve and Connie fight over safety.
  • Chapter 2 Cambalache
  • Tata gets tired of his life on the run. Pablo responds to President Gaviria's award offer. Steve and Javier meet their new boss.
  • Chapter 3 Polluted Politics
  • President Gaviria offers a new job to a former colleague. The Search Bloc's new tactics shake Pablo, but also annoy Steve and Javier.
  • Chapter 4 Place in Flames
  • The Cali Cartel debates entering Pablo's territory. Limón offers Maritza a plan. Tata gets a weapon for protection.
  • Chapter 5 Enemies of my enemy
  • A new leader takes over the Search Block. Javier loses faith in the system. Pablo brings his brother Carlos from Miami to cheer Tata.
  • Chapter 6 Los Pepes
  • The newly formed Los Pepes wants to destroy Pablo and his empire. His brother forces Tata to find a safe place with his children by leaving.
  • Chapter 7 Deutschland 93
  • With danger rising for the Escobars, Pablo sends his family to another country. Gaviria weighs the opportunity to use them to gain advantage.
  • Chapter 8 Exit El Patrón
  • After the recent terrorist attack, Colombia takes a hostile stance towards Escobar. Tata gets help from an unexpected ally. Quica gets more and more worried.
  • Chapter 9 Nuestra finca
  • Pablo is reunited with a distant family member. Judy Moncada's life is in danger. The DEA and the CIA clash over Los Pepes.
  • Chapter 10 Al Fin Cayó!
  • Javier deals with the repercussions of Judy's interview. Tata tries to persuade Pablo to surrender for the sake of his children.
  • Narcos Season 3 Episodes

    Following Escobar's capture, things change as Narcotics turns its attention to Escobar's successor, the Cali Cartel.
  • Section 1 Boss Strategy
  • The Gentlemen of Cali gather their partners together for a big, surprising revelation about the future of their business.
  • Chapter 2 Cali KGB
  • A gas incident is about to break the Cali-government deal and Jorge is asked to help. Peña grapples with his former Los Pepes hookup.
  • Chapter 3 Follow the Money
  • As negotiations continue, the Rodriguez brothers go into hiding. Pacho meets with the Lord of the Skies in Mexico. Peña's new Narcotics team visits Cali.
  • Chapter 4 checkmate
  • Peña hatches a plan to take over Cali leader Gilberto Rodriguez. Amado offers Pacho a business idea.
  • Chapter 5 MRO
  • Paranoid about leaks, Miguel puts pressure on his security team. Pacho makes a decision about his new offer. Peña tries to win a witness.
  • Chapter 6 Even the best plans can go awry
  • Jorge takes a fatal risk. An accident in New York threatens to reveal Chepe. Peña travels to Curaçao to arrest a potential witness.
  • Chapter 7 No exit
  • Peña plans a new secret operation to eliminate a key member of the Cali Cartel, but risks running out of time on his search.
  • Chapter 8 Convivir
  • Seeking revenge on his father's behalf, David puts Enrique in danger. Peña asks Don Berna for help on a rescue mission.
  • Chapter 9 All of the President's Men
  • David follows his doubts. Peña is shocked to discover the extent of corruption in the Colombian government. Miguel is once again wanted.
  • Chapter 10 Returning to Cali
  • David and Peña are in a race with each other to find Pallomari. Peña makes a serious decision about the future of his career.
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