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Imdb Point: 7.3

89.048 People voted

How Many Seasons: 1

How Many Sections: 8


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

Marvel's The Defenders Plot

When a dangerous trap threatens New York City, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist join forces against their common enemy.

Marvel's The Defenders Trailer

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Marvel's The Defenders Cast

Player Name:
Charlie cox
Series Role:
Matt murdock
Player Name:
Krysten Ritter
Series Role:
Jessica jones
Player Name:
Mike colter
Series Role:
Luke cage
Player Name:
Finn jones
Series Role:
Danny Rand
Player Name:
Elodie yung
Series Role:
Elektra Natchios
Player Name:
Jessica henwick
Series Role:
Colleen Wing

Detailed Information About Marvel's The Defenders

Marvel's the Defenders is an American broadcast television miniseries created for Netflix by Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez. It is based on the Marvel Comics characters Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist who make up the superhero team of the same name. It takes place in the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) and acknowledges the continuity of the franchise movies. The miniseries are a parade event for several connected series from Marvel and Netflix. ABC Studios, Nine and a Half Fingers, Inc. Produced by Marvel Television. and Goddard Tekstil serving as the Ramirez showrunner.

In the series, Charlie Cox reprises the roles of Matt Murdock / Daredevil, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, and Finn Jones as Danny Rand / Iron Fist from their individual series. It also returns from previous series by Sigourney Weaver, alongside Eka Darville, Elden Henson, Jessica Henwick, Simone Missick, Ramón Rodríguez, Rachael Taylor, Deborah Ann Woll, Élodie Yung, Rosario Dawson and Scott Glenn. The development started in late 2013 and Cox first acted in May 2014. Petrie and Ramirez joined as showrunners in April after doing this for daredevil's second season. Petrie left with the start of filming that took place in New York from October 2016 to March 2017. Cinematography and design work created different color palettes from the individual series of the characters and combined them as the team was formed.

The Defenders premiere took place in New York on July 31, 2017, and eight episodes aired on Netflix on August 18. Critics were mostly positive about the crossover highlighting the dynamics between the different Defenders as well as Weaver's performance, but they were often disappointed with the overall story, pacing, and use of the hand as villains. Third-party analysis showed that the miniseries were the least-viewed Marvel Netflix series, and despite being the third-most "binge-racing" series globally at release, according to Netflix, it had the biggest drop on weekdays.

Photos from Marvel's The Defenders

Marvel's The Defenders Full Season and Episodes

Marvel's The Defenders How Many Season?

It consists of 1 Season.

Marvel's The Defenders How Many Episodes?

It consists of 8 sections.

Marvel's The Defenders Season 1 Episodes

When a dangerous trap threatens New York City, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist join forces against their common enemy.
  • Section 1 Initial Letter K
  • Not aware that their paths are about to cross, Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand investigate criminals and fight injustice.
  • Chapter 2 Yaman Right Crochet
  • The new conspiracy takes shape. Matt realizes it's hard to let go of old habits. Jessica does things bigger than her head. Luke follows a lead. Danny finds his equivalent.
  • Chapter 3 Worst Attitude
  • Elektra's secrets are revealed. Danny changes his tactics. Matt gives Jessica some legal advice. Luke searches for the man in the White Hat.
  • Chapter 4 Royal Dragon
  • Defenders gets to know each other at a dinner party and encounters intruders. Moreover, none of these guests have good intentions.
  • Chapter 5 Take Cover
  • Elektra's loyalty is questioned. Colleen clashes with an old acquaintance. Luke proves he knows how to fight.
  • Chapter 6 Ashes, Ashes
  • Stick has a theory. Danny finds himself left out. Alexandra learns that being a leader isn't easy.
  • Chapter 7 Prison Meal
  • Matt, Jessica and Luke start a desperate search. Colleen and Claire argue over heroism. Elektra tries to win a very important ally.
  • Chapter 8 The Defenders
  • As New York approaches disaster, Elektra sees what is behind the wall. The Defenders make one last move to save the city.
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