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Release date

Imdb Point: 7.3

71.720 People voted

How Many Seasons: 2

How Many Sections: 20


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

The Subject of Lost in Space

Having been thrown into an unknown planet and making a forced landing, Robinsons fight a big battle to survive and escape from the planet despite all difficulties. But they are surrounded by hidden dangers.

Lost in Space Trailer

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Lost in Space Cast

Player Name:
Molly parker
Series Role:
Maureen Robinson
Player Name:
Toby Stephens
Series Role:
John robinson
Player Name:
Maxwell jenkins
Series Role:
Will robinson
Player Name:
Taylor russell
Series Role:
Judy robinson
Player Name:
Mina Sundwall
Series Role:
Penny robinson
Player Name:
Ignacio Serricchio
Series Role:
Don west
Player Name:
Parker posey
Series Role:
Dr. Smith

Detailed Information About Lost in Space

Lost in Space is an American science fiction television series of the 1965 series of the same name (the reenactment of the 1812 novel the Swiss family Robinson), and the spaceship follows the adventures of a family of space colonists who are off course.

Produced by Legendary Television, Synthesis Entertainment, Clickety-Clack Productions and Applebox Entertainment, the show was written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, and Zack Estrin serves as the showman. Netflix released the series on April 13, 2018, [1] updating it for a second season the following month. [2] The premiere of the second season took place on December 24, 2019. [3] On March 9, 2020, the series was renewed for the third and final season, scheduled to be released in 2021. [4] [5] [6]

Lost in Space Photos

All Seasons and Episodes of Lost in Space

How Many Seasons of Lost in Space?

It consists of 2 seasons.

Lost in Space How many episodes?

It consists of 20 sections.

Lost in Space Season 1 Episodes

Having landed on an alien planet, Robinsons struggle to survive and escape from the planet despite all obstacles. But their environment is full of hidden dangers.
  • Section 1 Collision
  • On their way to a space colony, the Robinsons are thrown into an unknown planet as a result of a mishap. Here, they struggle to survive a terrible night.
  • Chapter 2 Diamonds in the sky
  • Another accident causes more passengers to land on the planet as the Robinsons try to save their ship with the help of their mysterious new friend.
  • Chapter 3 Infestation
  • Flashbacks, Dr. Reveals clues to Smith's past. The Robinsons tackle a new threat as their ships run out of fuel.
  • Chapter 4 Robinsons Were Here
  • The Robinsons make contact with another survivor's family. After Judy finds out about the Resistance, Will takes action to protect his friend.
  • Chapter 5 Contact Me
  • Maureen investigates an anomaly on the planet as the team builds a tower to signal the Resistance. Will prepares to have a tough conversation with his dad.
  • Chapter 6 Mention
  • Maureen weighs whether she should tell others what she saw in the sky. Don takes the lead on finding fuel. The presence of the robot increases the tension within the group.
  • Chapter 7 Pressure
  • Dr. Seismic activity sweeps across the planet as Smith implements his secret project, leaving both teams faced with extremely tough choices.
  • Chapter 8 Route
  • Maureen finds a solution to the fuel problem, but implementing the plan is more difficult than thought. Dr. Smith realizes his mask has fallen off.
  • Chapter 9 Resurrection
  • Will and Penny lead an expedition to the caves as Judy sets out to find Maureen. Dr. Smith implements a new escape plan.
  • Chapter 10 Danger, Will Robinson
  • As the time for the Resistance to leave orbit draws closer, the Robinsons escape the planet and Dr. He struggles to get rid of Smith's control.
  • Lost in Space Season 2 Episodes

    Robinsons, who are now stuck in deeper space; He joins shoulder to shoulder to explore strange planets, face new dangers and find his beloved Robot.
  • Section 1 Survivors
  • Seven months after being stranded on a flooded planet, the Robinsons make a risky decision to run their ship, Jupiter. Will vows to find Robot.
  • Chapter 2 ditch
  • Penny and Maureen are trapped in a mysterious metal ditch. The frost is attacked by a poisonous algae.
  • Chapter 3 Echoes
  • Their dreams of reuniting with other colonists are thwarted when the Robinsons realize that something is wrong with the Resistance. Smith seizes an opportunity to clear his name.
  • Chapter 4 Railing
  • As Will seeks a clue of what happened to Robot, John and Judy head to the nearby dust-covered planet to help the other survivors.
  • Chapter 5 Running
  • As John's plight worsens, Judy struggles to reach the other side of the planet. Penny spies on Smith with the help of an old friend.
  • Chapter 6 Stranded
  • Penny, Smith and their friends are stranded in tight spaces due to the rapidly spreading infectious material. Will and Maureen set out with Adler to find the Robot.
  • Chapter 7 Evolution
  • John seeks help from an unexpected person to find the source of the hidden audio signal the ship has detected. Will begins to suspect Adler is hiding something.
  • Chapter 8 Unknown
  • As Maureen leads the rebellion, Hastings visits John to deliver an ultimatum. Penny tries to convince Will that his Robot has changed.
  • Chapter 9 Fiddle
  • Will and Penny try to hide the robots and decide what to do next. Meanwhile, Hastings goes too far in his war against the Robinsons.
  • Chapter 10 Ninety-seven
  • The operation to rescue Scarecrow unexpectedly unfolds and Resistance descends into chaos. Judy hatches a plan to get the ship to Alpha Centauri.
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