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4 December 2011

Release date

Imdb Point: 8.9

351.507 People voted

How Many Seasons: 5

How Many Sections: 22


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

Black Mirror Issue

Black Mirror, a science fiction anthology series, is about a complex and technology-filled future where humanity's most glorious inventions and darkest instincts contrast.

Black Mirror Trailer

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Black Mirror Cast

Player Name:
Daniel lapaine
Series Role:
Player Name:
Hannah john kamen
Series Role:
Selma Telse
Player Name:
Michaela Coel
Series Role:
Airport Stewardess
Player Name:
Beatrice Robertson-Jones
Series Role:
Older May Double
Player Name:
Charles Babalola
Series Role:
Player Name:
Charlie brooker
Series Role:

Detailed Information About Black Mirror

Black Mirror Production Details

Black Mirror is a science fiction series that started broadcasting on Channel 4 in England in 2011. After its success and popularity, streaming rights were purchased by Netflix in 2015. As of 2016, it is broadcast on Netflix. The series is produced by Barney Reisz, and executive producers are Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones.

After the success of the series, the famous science fiction writer Stephen King clearly expressed his appreciation; actor Robert Downey, Jr. He said that he was thinking of filming the episode "Your All Past".

Black Mirror Issue

It addresses the problems of modern society and the individual in this society, the implications of new technologies, and the politics, media and art relations in the current world order, with a critical approach and occasionally with reference to science fiction elements. “Each episode has a different cast, a different venue and even a different perception of reality; but it's all about both our current lifestyle and what we can live with in 10 minutes if we are rough.

Episodes of the Series

It started broadcasting on Black Mirror Channel 4 in 2011. After the success and acclaim it gained, the series, which was written on Netflix in 2015 in 2011 and 2013 on Channel 4, was broadcast in total, with three episodes each. The New Year's Eve special, which was prepared in 2014 and aired in December, was added to these sections. Thus, seven episodes of the series were broadcast between 2011-2014. Whereas Netflix's black mirror series The new season, which was expected to be released in 2016 after receiving the rights, was expected to consist of 12 episodes. However, Netflix announced in July 2016 that the first six episodes of the new season will be on the streaming platform on October 21, 2016. It has been announced that well-known names will take place both behind the scenes and among the actors in the third season.

Black Mirror Awards

The series received a positive reception from critics, received many awards and nominations, and gained international attention especially in the United States after being added to Netflix. The show won Eight Emmy Awards for "San Junipero", "USS Callister" and Bandersnatch, including three consecutive wins in the outstanding television movie category.

Black Mirror Photos

Black Mirror Series All Seasons and Episodes

How Many Seasons of Black Mirror?

It consists of 5 Seasons.

Black Mirror How Many Episodes?

It consists of 22 sections.

Black Mirror Season 1 Episodes

This sci-fi anthology series takes place in a world where people collect points for existence, get implants in memory, and much more is real.
  • Section 1 National anthem
  • Prime Minister Michael Callow faces a shocking dilemma when Princess Susannah, the most beloved member of the Royal Family, is kidnapped.
  • Chapter 2 Fifteen Million Rights
  • Unable to impress the juries at a song contest, the woman must now either do degrading things or go back to her life no different from slavery.
  • Chapter 3 All Your Past
  • In a story in the near future; all people have memory implants that record everything they do, see and hear.
  • Black Mirror Season 2 episodes

    Season 2 of this anthology series tells the dark stories of a social media addict, a woman who is part of a live life show, and others.
  • Section 1 I'll be right back
  • Lonely and grieving Martha reconnects with her deceased love after learning of a new service that keeps people in touch with the dead.
  • Chapter 2 White Bear
  • Victoria wakes up one morning and can't remember anything about her life. Everyone he meets refuses to talk to him.
  • Chapter 3 Waldo Time
  • The unsuccessful comedian who voiced the cartoon bear named Waldo finds himself involved in politics when TV executives ask Waldo to run for election.
  • Chapter 4 White christmas
  • Two men in a mysterious and remote place covered in snow; It tells three interconnected and terrifying tech stories set during the Christmas season.
  • Black Mirror Season 3 episodes

    In these technological stories, lovers meet in a surreal paradise, strange messages inflict pain on a young man, and a social practice wields great power.
  • Section 1 Hit the Bottom
  • A woman desperately trying to raise her social media score hits the jackpot when she is invited to a flamboyant wedding. However, the journey does not go as planned.
  • Chapter 2 Augmented Reality
  • A broke American traveler accepts the job of testing a revolutionary new game system. However, he discovers that his excitement is a little too real.
  • Chapter 3 Hush and Dance
  • The teenager who has a virus on his laptop must choose between fulfilling orders in the messages received on his cell phone or risking his secrets being exposed.
  • Chapter 4 San Junipero
  • In 1987, in a seaside town, a strong bond develops between a shy young woman and an extrovert party girl, defying the laws of time and space.
  • Chapter 5 To kill without pain
  • After his first fight with an elusive enemy, a soldier experiences unfamiliar feelings and encounters strange technical issues.
  • Chapter 6 Social Lynch
  • The death of a journalist at the center of a social media storm leads an experienced detective and tech-savvy sidekick to make a chilling discovery.
  • Black Mirror Season 4 Episodes

    In these tales of the dark side of technology, a fantasy spirals out of control, all-seeing devices reveal dark secrets, and a woman escapes from a hunter.
  • Section 1 USS Callister
  • Captain Robert Daly leads his crew with wisdom and courage. But the new member of the team soon discovers that nothing on this spaceship is what it seems.
  • Chapter 2 Arkangel
  • Worried about her daughter's safety, single mom Marie decides to buy a state-of-the-art device that tracks her whereabouts and much more.
  • Chapter 3 Crocodile
  • While Architect Mia struggles to keep a dark secret under wraps, insurance expert Shazia investigates a nearby accident, scanning the memories of people on the scene.
  • Chapter 4 Hang the DJ
  • Paired by a matchmaker program that predicts how long all relationships will last, Frank and Amy soon begin to question the system's logic.
  • Chapter 5 Metal Head
  • Encountering a ruthless enemy while searching for supplies in an abandoned warehouse, the group must escape across desolate wasteland to survive.
  • Chapter 6 Black Museum
  • A traveler stumbles upon a museum on a deserted corner of the highway. The most important piece in the museum where rare criminological items are exhibited is quite disturbing.
  • Black Mirror Season 5 episodes

    A video game causes a friendship to change. There is a hostage crisis at a social media company. A teenager bonds with the AI version of his favorite pop star.
  • Section 1 Striking Vipers
  • Ex-college friends Danny and Karl reunite in the VR plug-in of their favorite video game and discover something surprising in their nighttime sessions.
  • Chapter 2 Smithereens
  • When a London driver kidnaps an employee of a social media company, it causes an international crisis.
  • Chapter 3 Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
  • The real Ashley's life begins to turn upside down as a lonely young girl obsesses with a robot doll inspired by her idol, pop star Ashley O.
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