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How Many Seasons: 1

How Many Sections: 8


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Beam Me Up Scotty :)

Another Subject

It is a series written by Berkun Oyan, which is broadcast on Netflix. The leading actors are story Karayel, fatih artman, funda eryiğit, alican yücesoy, tülin care, laurel rocks, bige onal and settar godöğen. The series, which has 8 episodes in the first season, is about a unique group of characters from different socio-economic backgrounds who cross paths with surprising encounters in the colorful and lively life of Istanbul. now they will have to either take a new path or deal with a complex past.

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Different Players

Player Name:
The Story of Karayel
Series Role:
Player Name:
Fatih Artman
Series Role:
Player Name:
Funda Eryigit
Series Role:
Player Name:
Defne Rocks
Series Role:
Player Name:
Settar Tanriögen
Series Role:
Ali Sadi Hoca
Player Name:
Tülin Özen
Series Role:

Detailed Information About Someone Else

The Netflix series is different, it is a series about the lives of a unique group of characters who come from different socio-economic backgrounds and come together in the colorful and lively life of Istanbul with many surprising coincidences. A choice awaits its protagonists, either to walk a new path or to have to deal with a complex and ancient past.

Ethos (Turkish: It is a Bask) is a 2020 Turkish drama web television series directed by Berkun Oya and starring Öykü Karayel, Fatih Artman, Funda Eryiğit, Defne Kayalar and Tülin Özen. The show aired on Netflix on November 12, 2020 and consisted of one season for a total of 8 Episodes. Istanbul, Turkey and was performed in a group of different socio-cultural backgrounds as dramatic invention was filmed in stunning conditions and unique character of the story.

Someone Else (Ethos) tells the story of Meryem, a part-time Cleaner from a conservative family living on the outskirts of Istanbul. He experiences fainting spells and consults Peri, a psychiatrist whose background is significantly different from that of Mary: educated, rich and secular, and has prejudiced views of openly religious people. Peri sees a therapist in which she complains of increasing conservatism in Turkish society. The series features a variety of characters, including a rich but depressed playboy, a middle-class Kurdish family, a soap opera actor, a rape survivor, a former soldier, and a mentor, and a homosexual girl.

Photos of Something Different

All Season and Episodes of Bir Başkadır TV Series

How Many Seasons Is Another?

It consists of 1 Season.

How Many Chapters Is Another?

It consists of 8 sections.

Is Another Season 1 Episodes

Their lives are different, their dreams are different, their fears are different. Even though they seem very different and very opposite, when their paths join, the borders will disappear and they will all add something to each other's lives.
  • Section 1 Section 1
  • Meryem, who is a daily worker, faints from time to time. He goes to a psychiatrist on recommendation. But one of psychiatrist Peri's questions bothers her.
  • Chapter 2 Part 2
  • The situation of Ruhiye worsens in the face of Yasin's attitude. Fairy and Melisa's paths cross. Meryem begins to give Peri clues about her inner world.
  • Chapter 3 Part 3
  • The dream that Ruhiye saw bothers her. Yasin runs into Hayrunnisa, the teacher's daughter. Melisa tells Peri to face her prejudices. Gülbin catches Sinan by surprise.
  • Chapter 4 Chapter 4
  • Meryem tells Peri that she has met a celebrity. The tension between Gülbin and her sister reaches its peak. Yasin forbids Meryem from meeting Peri.
  • Chapter 5 Part 5
  • Meryem asks Yasin questions about Hayrunnisa. Hayrunnisa blames herself after a painful incident. Ruhiye, Yasin and Meryem set out for the village.
  • Chapter 6 Chapter 6
  • Gülbin tells Peri that she wants to end the therapy sessions. He breaks into the soul a pain in his past. Someone secretly follows Burcu.
  • Chapter 7 Chapter 7
  • Hilmi and Meryem begin to get closer. The whole world of Ruhiye, who learns a shocking truth while at Semiha's house, changes in an instant.
  • Chapter 8 Chapter 8
  • The fairy tells Mary that every human being has repressed feelings. Ruhiye and Yasin pour out their hearts to each other. Hayrunnisa draws a new path for herself.
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