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Release date

Imdb Point: 8.3

57.078 People voted

How Many Seasons: 3

How Many Sections: 28


Suitable for over age

Beam Me Up Scotty :)

Atypical Subject

The autistic teenager decides that he now wants to have a girlfriend in his life, and when he wants more independence, he takes his whole family on a journey to discover their inner selves.

Atypical Trailer

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Atypical Players

Player Name:
Jennifer jason leigh
Series Role:
Elsa gardner
Player Name:
Keir gilchrist
Series Role:
Sam gardner
Player Name:
Brigette Lundy-Paine
Series Role:
Casey Gardner
Player Name:
Michael rapaport
Series Role:
Doug gardner
Player Name:
Nik dodani
Series Role:
Player Name:
Graham rogers
Series Role:
Player Name:
Amy Okuda
Series Role:
Julia Sasaki

Detailed Information About Atypical

Atypical is an American comedy-drama streaming television series created by Robia Rashid for Netflix. It focuses on the life of 18-year-old Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), who has autism spectrum disorder. The first season consisted of eight episodes on August 11, 2017. The 10-episode second season was released on September 7, 2018. In October 2018, the series was renewed for a third season of ten episodes that was released on November 1, 2019. [1] In February 2020, the series was renewed for the fourth and final season. The last 10 episodes will premiere in 2021.

The first season received mostly positive reviews, but the show was criticized for the lack of autistic actors and perceived inaccuracies in the autism depiction. [2] [3] [4] Season two featured more actors and writers with autism and also received mostly positive reviews. Season three continued this development and received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Atypical Photos

Atypical TV Series All Seasons and Episodes

Atypical How Many Season?

It consists of 3 seasons.

Atypical How Many Chapters?

It consists of 28 sections.

Atypical Season 1 Episodes

When a teenager with autism decides to have a girlfriend and seeks more independence, he takes his whole family on an inner journey to discover their own selves.
  • Section 1 Antarctica
  • Determined to find a girlfriend, Sam sets out to try his girlfriend advice. Meanwhile, her overprotective mother Elsa must learn to let go.
  • Chapter 2 A Female Human
  • When Sam learns that his love is with someone else, his father Doug comes to his aid. The lost credit card brings Elsa back to the bar. Casey hears rumors about Evan.
  • Chapter 3 Julia Says So
  • Sam decides to change his look. Casey learns a family secret. Feeling that her family no longer needs her, Elsa seeks attention elsewhere.
  • Chapter 4 Ineffective Pleasant Scent
  • Getting attention from a girl in her class, Sam lists the pros and cons to see if she's the ideal girlfriend. Casey receives a prestigious offer.
  • Chapter 5 It's My Sweatshirt
  • Sam is confused when his room is occupied by Paige. While visiting Clayton Prep, Casey tastes life away from her brother.
  • Chapter 6 Putting the lentil in the oven and cooking the job
  • Paige suggests parents arrange a dance where children with autism can participate. Sam prepares to lose his virginity. Doug and Julia help each other.
  • Chapter 7 I lost my poor meatball
  • Hearing Paige's confessions, Sam makes a checklist to find out how she's feeling. Elsa's relationship with Nick suddenly becomes extremely serious.
  • Chapter 8 Snow Falls, Silence Falls
  • After Paige's unfortunate dinner with her family, Sam apologizes at the school dance. Casey's anger towards her mother affects her relationship with Evan.
  • Atypical Season 2 Episodes

    Elsa and Doug face the consequences of their marriage crisis. Casey tries to adjust to her new school. Meanwhile, Sam prepares for life after graduation.
  • Section 1 Juice
  • Sam's frustration at not finding a therapist and Casey's anxiety about starting a new school spark a fight between the two.
  • Chapter 2 Penguin Shooting and the Intervening Coldness
  • Casey feels unwelcome in Clayton. Sam asks Paige to explain the rules of their "free relationship". Doug sets limits with Elsa.
  • Chapter 3 Little Boy and the Lion
  • A peer group meeting leads Sam to make an important decision. When Casey gets punished with Izzie, she realizes they have more in common than she thought.
  • Chapter 4 Nobody Believes You
  • Zahid teaches Sam to lie, Elsa practices honesty. Evan helps Casey deal with embarrassment. A doctor visit discourages Julia from denial.
  • Chapter 5 Egg Cracks
  • Sam realizes he has to manage his money in his peer group. Doug gets advice from Megan on dealing with Elsa. Evan meets Casey's new friends.
  • Chapter 6 In the Dragon's Lair
  • Sam stays in Zahid to adjust to college life. Sam's $ 700 loss reunites Doug and Elsa with their old friend, Arlo's family.
  • Chapter 7 Paint Accident
  • Casey tells Izzie what Nate did. Sam tries to find universities to apply to. Doug discovers the need to educate first responders about autism.
  • Chapter 8 Living on a Hill
  • Sam panics when he loses his art school application portfolio. Megan flirts with Doug, who makes a decision about Elsa. Julia calls Miles.
  • Chapter 9 Ritual Nonsense
  • Ignoring Casey's wishes, Elsa throws a big birthday party for her. Sam insists on a ten-year birthday ritual. Doug can't forget the bartender thing.
  • Chapter 10 Ernest Shackleton's Rules of Survival
  • His annual comments show Sam who is watching over him. It does not leave this unpaid at graduation. Casey's feelings for Izzie confuse her. Elsa asks Doug a question.
  • Atypical Season 3 Episodes

    Starting his first year at college, Sam grapples with new challenges, such as making friends and managing his program.
  • Section 1 Best Plans
  • Paige invites Sam to take their relationship to a new level. Casey grapples with mixed feelings. Elsa tries to find a new norm with Doug.
  • Chapter 2 Steady Sam
  • Sam makes a daring move amid the hustle and bustle of orientation day. Casey crosses paths with Nate. Elsa and Doug face the dangers of half-truths.
  • Chapter 3 Cocaine Pills and Pony Meat
  • An ethics professor pushes Sam's limits. Elsa keeps an eye on Doug and Megan. Casey thinks about her future and encourages Evan to do the same.
  • Chapter 4 EBHVK
  • Casey and Evan hit the road for a tense date. Meanwhile, Sam and Zahid prepare for the party, and Elsa says goodbye to her past.
  • Chapter 5 Tweed only
  • Faced with difficulties, Paige devises a plan and Sam awaits major academic news. Elsa endures an uncomfortable encounter.
  • Chapter 6 The Essence of a Penguin
  • Sam's art assignment leads to an impromptu trip. Casey fights with Izzie. Evan fights with Doug for a second chance.
  • Chapter 7 Wastage
  • While Sam and Casey face their dating dilemma, Elsa reveals a delightful surprise. Meanwhile, Doug makes an unexpected decision.
  • Chapter 8 Traffic Monster Paige
  • A sad truth keeps Casey up from sleep. Sam has a tough time with Zahid and Paige. Elsa and Doug prepare for a new page in their lives.
  • Chapter 9 Sam Takes a Walk
  • While Sam touches on politics in his art, Elsa and Doug have an unusual weekend getaway. Casey and Izzie review their relationship.
  • Chapter 10 In Pursuit of Esmerşeker
  • Zahid's secret plan; Sam leads to a last-minute mission for Casey, Paige and Abby. Meanwhile, Doug passes a big test and makes a vital decision.
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