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Imdb Point: 7.5

404.622 People voted

How Many Seasons: 6

How Many Sections: 138


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Beam Me Up Scotty :)

Subject of Arrow

Based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a rich young man transforms into a flirtatious superhero ignited by the fire of vengeance. It ensures the safety of the city with its arrows and bow. In the series based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a rich flirtatious transforms into a vengeful superhero. With his arrows and bow, he saves the city from the wicked.

Arrow Trailer

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Arrow Players

Player Name:
Stephen amell
Series Role:
Oliver queen
Player Name:
David ramsey
Series Role:
John diggle
Player Name:
Emily Bett Rickards
Series Role:
Felicity Smoak
Player Name:
Katie Cassidy
Series Role:
Laurel Lance
Player Name:
Paul blackthorne
Series Role:
Quentin lance
Player Name:
Willa holland
Series Role:
Thea Queen

Detailed Information About Arrow

Arrow is an American superhero television series based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a costumed crime fighter developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg and created by mort Weisinger and George Papp. The series premiered on October 10, 2012 on CW in the USA and was filmed mostly in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In January 2019, the CW refreshed the series for a ten-episode eighth season and announced that it would be its final season in March. The premiere of the season took place on 15 October 2019 and hosted the crossover event "crisis in eternal lands"; The finale of the series aired on January 28, 2020.

Arrow follows billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) who claimed to have sunk for five years on Lian Yu, a mysterious island in the North China Sea, and later moved to Starling City (later renamed "Star City"). returning home to fight crime and corruption. Throughout the series, Oliver includes ex-soldier John Diggle (David Ramsey), IT expert and talented hacker Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), ex-assassin Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), aspiring vigilante Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), Oliver's sister Thea (Willa Holland) and attorney-turned-vigilante Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy). During the first five seasons of the show, characters from Oliver's past appear in a separate story broadcast based on Oliver's comebacks. Beginning with season seven, a series of forward-looking, focusing on Oliver's children William and Mia, explores how current events will affect their future and Green Arrow's legacy.

The series takes a fresh look at the character Green Arrow and other characters in the DC Comics universe. Although Oliver Queen / Green Arrow appeared in the television series Smallville from 2006 to 2011, in cw the producers decided to get a clean start and find a new actor to revive the character. Arrow received generally positive reviews from critics. The series has received several awards and numerous nominations.

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Arrow Series All Seasons and Episodes

Arrow How Many Seasons?

It consists of 6 seasons.

Arrow How Many Chapters?

It consists of 138 sections.

Arrow Season 1 Episodes

A billionaire who has been thought to have been dead for five years returns as someone else. He fights for his family and city as Arrow, who is fighting undercover crime.
  • Section 1 Pilot Episode
  • Considered dead for five years, Oliver Queen is located on a desert island in the Pacific and returns home as a different man.
  • Chapter 2 Honor Your Father
  • Oliver is determined to catch a criminal linked to the Chinese mafia. This person is Martin Somers, whom Laurel investigates.
  • Chapter 3 Lone Shooters
  • When a gunman kills one of Oliver's targets, Oliver enlists Detective Lance for help. Meanwhile, Laurel and Tommy find themselves in a strange situation.
  • Chapter 4 An Innocent Man
  • As Oliver investigates a murder, he realizes that one of the targets on his list has convicted an innocent man by slandering him.
  • Chapter 5 Casualties
  • When Oliver is arrested for murder, he insists on Laurel's defense in court. Laurel's acceptance of the case causes her to fall apart with her father.
  • Chapter 6 Heritage
  • A group of thugs seriously injures an absent police officer in their midday bank robbery. This incident prompts Oliver to rethink his mission.
  • Chapter 7 Femme Fatale
  • The Hunter arrives in Starling City and takes Oliver under his influence. Meanwhile, adverse events happen to Tommy, and he seeks support from Laurel.
  • Chapter 8 Vendetta
  • Oliver trains Helena to fight together in the battle for justice. But the vengeance in him causes Helena to commit a murder.
  • Chapter 9 End of the year
  • To make up for lost time and give the Queen family the opportunity to have a normal day out, Oliver throws a New Year's Eve party.
  • Chapter 10 Fire place
  • After defeating the Dark Archer, Oliver loses confidence in himself and takes a break from being Arrow for a while. However, Laurel seeks help investigating a firefighter's death.
  • Chapter 11 Trust But Confirm
  • Oliver suspects Diggle's mentor is responsible for some armored vehicle robberies. Meanwhile, Thea believes Moira and Malcolm are having an affair.
  • Chapter 12 Vertigo
  • Thea gets in trouble with the law when she is caught with a drug called Vertigo. Felicity gives Oliver disturbing information about Moira.
  • Chapter 13 Betrayal
  • A crook released from prison plans to declare himself the leader of the Starling City underworld, but must first take down his biggest foe, Arrow.
  • Chapter 14 Odyssey
  • When Oliver is shot, he turns to Felicity for help. As he oscillates between life and death, he remembers a daring escape attempt on the island.
  • Chapter 15 Huckster
  • Oliver asks Detective McKenna Hall out. Meanwhile, a jewel thief named Dodger arrives in Starling City and targets someone close to Oliver.
  • Chapter 16 Red-handed
  • Oliver and Diggle learn that Deadshot is alive and that Malcolm is his next target. On the other hand, Oliver insists Tommy to make peace with his father.
  • Chapter 17 The Hunter Returns
  • The hunter returns to the city and threatens to destroy everything and everyone important to Oliver. Later, Steve Aoki makes headlines for the nightclub opening.
  • Chapter 18 Savior
  • An angry resident of the Glades begins kidnapping and murdering those he believes to be evil to those in the immediate vicinity.
  • Part 19 Unfinished Work
  • A young woman is brutally murdered after a party in Verdant. Detective Lance finds evidence against Tommy.
  • Section 1 Raid
  • Deadshot returns to Starling City after killing a US ambassador abroad and six other people. A red-handed operation is started to be caught alive.
  • Chapter 21 Attempt
  • While Oliver tries to delete another name from the list, Felicity finds a transaction on a shady accountant's computer that could help him find Walter.
  • Chapter 22 Lies and Plans
  • With the five-year plan to come to an end, Malcolm puts on his black hood to complete his unfinished business with seismologist Brion Markov and his team.
  • Chapter 23 Victim
  • In the season finale, Oliver and Diggle try to stop the Dark Archer from turning his anger towards Glades. Meanwhile, Thea finds Roy.
  • Arrow Season 2 Episodes

    At the end of season 1, Arrow declares his victory over the Dark Archer. However, the city was destroyed and his closest friend died. Now he faces a new enemy.
  • Section 1 City of Heroes
  • As things rapidly deteriorate in Starling City and the Queen Company, Diggle and Felicity travel to the island of Lian Yu to persuade Oliver to return as Arrow.
  • Chapter 2 ID
  • Oliver learns that the drugs sent to Glades Memorial Hospital were stolen en route, and then embarks on a fight with the Bronze Tiger and the Chinese White.
  • Chapter 3 Broken Babies
  • Felicity proposes herself as bait so Arrow, Diggle and Lance can catch a criminal who escaped from prison and tortured and killed women.
  • Chapter 4 Disarmament
  • Oliver learns that a man known as the "Mayor" has brought illegal weapons to Glades and organizes a "money for gun" event to clean up the city.
  • Chapter 5 Assassins League
  • Oliver tries to get the Canary to reveal his past. Meanwhile, the Deputy Prosecutor offers Moira to plead guilty and escape the death penalty.
  • Chapter 6 Keep Your Enemy Close
  • Diggle learns that Lyla is missing after a lead in Moscow. Moira's lawyer tells Thea that her relationship with Roy harmed her mother's case.
  • Chapter 7 Case
  • An unknown disease spreads to the city and infects hundreds of people, including Diggle. Moira goes to court for the initiative she attended.
  • Chapter 8 Applied Sciences
  • Barry Allen, a scientist from the Central City police, arrives in the city because of a seemingly impossible robbery in the Applied Sciences Division of the Queen Corporation.
  • Chapter 9 Three Ghosts
  • Oliver is visited by ghosts from his past. Meanwhile, Barry continues to help Felicity and their bond grows stronger.
  • Chapter 10 Shrapnel
  • Bombs begin to explode in Starling City, and Oliver must deal with this new threat. Thea witnesses Roy's superpower.
  • Chapter 11 Blind spot
  • Arrow teams up with Laurel to find the Skull Masked Man. Sin tests Roy's superpower, but Roy is about to kill someone out of control.
  • Chapter 12 Shake
  • Arrow proposes to teach Roy to control his superpower, but Roy turns out to be a disobedient student. Meanwhile, the Bronze Tiger turns into a threat again.
  • Chapter 13 Heir of the devil
  • Her past relationship with the Assassins Guild haunts Sara and her family, and Sara is forced to make an important decision.
  • Chapter 14 Death Hour
  • The team pursues the Clock King, who possesses technology that can open the safes of all banks in Starling City. Meanwhile, Oliver throws a welcome party for Sara.
  • Chapter 15 Promise
  • In this retrospective episode, we watch how Oliver's plan to take over Slade and Sara's cargo ship went awry on the island where he stayed for years after the accident.
  • Chapter 16 Suicide Squad
  • Slade returns and vows to take revenge on Oliver's loved ones. Oliver prepares for war; ARGUS enlists Diggle to stop a local commander.
  • Chapter 17 Birds of Prey
  • When Frank Bertinelli is arrested and Laurel takes his case, Bertinelli's daughter Hunter returns to the city to enforce his own justice.
  • Chapter 18 Death shot
  • Slade makes his move against Oliver, and this has huge repercussions. Meanwhile, Isabel tries to take the Queen Company from Oliver.
  • Part 19 The Man Under the Hood
  • After a heroic battle with Slade, a Team Arrow is taken to the hospital and Oliver has to make a tough decision about Thea.
  • Chapter 20 Anger Fever
  • Learning that Mirakuru has taken over Roy completely and unleashed on the city with all his rage, the team takes action.
  • Chapter 21 Smearing the City with Blood
  • Oliver decides to surrender to Slade in order to protect his loved ones, but Diggle and Felicity take incredible measures to stop him.
  • Chapter 22 Terror on the Street
  • Oliver and his team team up to stop Slade's soldiers from attacking Starling City. Meanwhile, Malcolm Merlyn returns to town.
  • Chapter 23 Dark day
  • When Slade kidnaps someone Oliver loves dearly, Oliver faces the toughest test of the no-kill rule. On the other hand, Diggle struggles with Amanda Waller.
  • Arrow Season 3 Episodes

    Arrow has been a hero for Starling City residents. But as Oliver turns his attention to his private life, brand new dangers arise.
  • Section 1 The Silence Before the Storm
  • The peaceful city celebrates Slade's defeat, but Werner Zytle has a terrible plan. An archer eager to kill targets Sara.
  • Chapter 2 Epilepsy
  • Oliver goes after a murderous archer; Laurel tries to apply her own sense of justice for Sara's death; Thea makes progress in her education with Merlyn.
  • Chapter 3 Corto maltese
  • Oliver tracks her to an island, hoping to bring Thea back to Starling City, and also helps Diggle find a missing ARGUS agent.
  • Chapter 4 Wizard
  • Oliver assigns Roy to track Nyssa and learn more about Sara's killer. Thea is kidnapped and Oliver makes a dangerous foe.
  • Chapter 5 Felicity Smoak's Secret History
  • While investigating a cyberattack on Starling City, Felicity reveals that he prepared the virus himself; Roy's nightmares tell him he killed Sara.
  • Chapter 6 Guilty
  • There are dead bodies in the gym. Oliver tries to prove Ted Grant innocent and catch the killer; Roy faces the consequences of the Mirakuru virus.
  • Chapter 7 Stretch Your Post
  • Oliver investigates Carrie, a troublemaker obsessed with her, and Ray's closeness with Felicity puts Oliver in the throes of jealousy.
  • Chapter 8 Brave Two Men
  • A killer using a boomerang challenges Oliver's team and ARGUS. Intending to kill anyone who gets in his way, Digger sets a trap for Lyla for this purpose.
  • Chapter 9 Climb
  • The Guild of Assassins makes a dreadful threat; The DNA results of Sara's murder shocked Felicity; Oliver runs into a powerful foe.
  • Chapter 10 The Left Behind
  • Arrow is missing. Diggle and Roy fight to protect Starling City from a new criminal; Merlyn finds evidence that Oliver is dead.
  • Chapter 11 Midnight
  • Maseo and Tatsu must push the boundaries to protect the recovering Oliver; Brick kidnaps someone from the city council and tries to get the police out of Glades.
  • Chapter 12 Rebellion
  • Oliver finds a mentor to help him defeat Ra's; Commissioner Lance advises Roy and Laurel about the Brick; Merlyn finds out who killed his wife.
  • Chapter 13 Return
  • Laurel tries to catch Zytle who escaped from prison, but Zytle injects him with Vertigo; DJ Chase tries to kill Thea who is training to enter the Guild.
  • Chapter 14 Return
  • As Oliver begins training Thea on the island of Lian Yu, Slade captures and imprisons them. Meanwhile, Thea is forced to face a painful reality.
  • Chapter 15 Nanda parbat
  • When Thea sets a bad fate for her father, Oliver sets out to save Merlyn so that Thea does not dehumanize.
  • Chapter 16 Bid
  • Ra's forces Oliver to head the League and reveals the secret of his long life; Commissioner Lance withdraws support from Arrow.
  • Chapter 17 Suicidal Tendencies
  • When Diggle and Lyla are assigned to a dangerous rescue mission, their honeymoon is interrupted; An Arrow impersonator kills the mayor.
  • Chapter 18 Public enemy
  • Arrow's team is wanted in connection with the murder of the mayor. His wound threatens Ray's life. Ra's kidnaps Superintendent Lance and reveals Arrow's identity.
  • Part 19 Broken Arrow
  • When Roy is arrested, Oliver's team plots to free him from prison and protect Arrow's identity; Ray will only be able to defeat Jake Simmons with Oliver's help.
  • Chapter 20 Hard decisision
  • Wanting to turn Thea back from the brink of death, Oliver is forced to leave her life behind and join the Union.
  • Chapter 21 Al Sah-him
  • Oliver takes on a new identity and passes a tough test of loyalty; Ra's remembers his duel with his best friend to become the leader of the League.
  • Chapter 22 This Is Your Sword
  • Diggle and Laurel patrol Starling City; Oliver finds out who gave the Omega virus to Ra's and confesses the truth about his place in the League.
  • Chapter 23 My Name Is Oliver Queen
  • Oliver and his team race against time to prevent Ra's from spreading the virus and destroying Starling City, but when things settle down, Oliver makes an important decision.
  • Arrow Season 4 Episodes

    Mr. Between a new alliance with Terrific and a criminal threat in the form of Damien Darhk, Oliver Queen remains the spokesperson for justice.
  • Section 1 Green Arrow
  • When Damien Darhk attacks Star City with a group of killers, Oliver turns back an old ally and returns as Green Arrow to respond.
  • Chapter 2 Candidate
  • Green Arrow and Speedy track down an assassin targeting a family friend. Thea's blood lust grows and Oliver decides to run for mayor.
  • Chapter 3 Resurrection
  • Thea and Laurel head to the Lazarus Pit to bring Sara back to life. Oliver and Diggle must make peace and work together to deal with a new assassin.
  • Chapter 4 Too Bad To Be Recovered
  • Oliver sets up a trap to catch a group of rogue cops; Laurel takes Quentin to Sara, who is aggressive and chained to her basement.
  • Chapter 5 Damned
  • Oliver calls John Constantine to return the savage Sara's soul to her body. Meanwhile, Diggle learns the truth about his brother.
  • Chapter 6 Lost Souls
  • Learning that the explosion made Ray smaller, the team sets out to save him from Damien Darhk and restore him to normal.
  • Chapter 7 Brotherhood
  • Thea discovers a potential but risky cure for her blood lust. Learning that Andy is alive but working for Darhk, the team asks Ray for help.
  • Chapter 8 Legends of yesterday
  • Oliver and Barry use a little creativity and a little time travel to protect Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders from the immortal assassin Vandal Savage.
  • Chapter 9 Dark Waters
  • Darhk when Oliver reveals himself as the force behind HIVE; Diggle kidnaps Thea and Felicity and pushes Oliver into a desperate gamble.
  • Chapter 10 Vendetta
  • To avenge Felicity's near-fatal injury, Oliver uses Lonnie Machin to hunt Damien Darhk.
  • Chapter 11 Discontinuity
  • As Felicity adapts to her new role on the Arrow Squad, Diggle and Andy help Oliver in getting the Shadowspire spies trying to infiltrate ARGUS.
  • Chapter 12 Calculator
  • Oliver and Thea encounter a surprise as they follow a thief controlled by the villain Calculator with terrifying plans for Star City.
  • Chapter 13 Sins of the Father
  • Hoping to find a cure for Thea's blood lust, Oliver pits Nyssa and Malcolm against each other for control of the Assassins League.
  • Chapter 14 The Silence Rule
  • Darhk sends his mercenaries to destroy targets in Star City. Among the goals is the space for mayor candidate Oliver to debate with his opponent.
  • Chapter 15 Tracking
  • Vixen uses his mystical powers to help Team Arrow settle down with Darhk. Meanwhile, the truth strains Oliver and Felicity.
  • Chapter 16 Broken hearts
  • Cupid returns and starts attacking the newlyweds. Oliver and Felicity, who recently separated, decide to continue their marriage and prepare a trap for Cupid.
  • Chapter 17 Light of Hope
  • To get hold of Felicity's microchip implant, Brie Larvan escapes from prison and uses robot bees to attack Palmer Tech to kick Oliver out of his head.
  • Chapter 18 Eleven-Fifty-Nine
  • Oliver and Diggle realize that Malcolm is plotting to get Darhk out of jail. Meanwhile, Laurel receives a tempting offer.
  • Part 19 Is Canary Alive?
  • When the Black Canary attacks, Oliver and Quentin argue over Laurel's fate. A plan is in progress targeting President Adams. Oliver vows to kill Darhk.
  • Chapter 20 Creation
  • Felicity and Oliver search for a shaman who uncovered the source of Darhk's magical powers, and the team uncovers Darhk's evil plan.
  • Chapter 21 Monument Point
  • As Darhk embarks on his terrifying plan, Oliver and the team seek help from Felicity's father, Noah, to thwart the plan. But Noah is also targeted by HIVE.
  • Chapter 22 Lost in the Flood
  • Darhk, who wants to implement the doomsday plan, continues his efforts. Oliver and Diggle infiltrate a secret HIVE facility while searching for Thea.
  • Chapter 23 Division
  • As the team tries to prevent a global catastrophe; Oliver uses a surprising force to stop Darhk once and for all.
  • Arrow Season 5 Episodes

    Now busy as both president and guardian of Star City, Oliver assembles a new rookie team to stop the rise of mobster Tobias Church.
  • Section 1 Heritage
  • Felicity pressures the team to recruit new people. Oliver struggles to leave the past behind. Tobias Church, a ruthless criminal, begins to increase his strength.
  • Chapter 2 New
  • Green Arrow tries to educate newcomers, but first he must do his own internal showdown. Church makes a move to consolidate his grip on Star City.
  • Chapter 3 Trust Matters
  • Green Arrow is forced into a dangerous showdown when the daring Wild Dog leaves his new team to catch a drug gang leader on his own.
  • Chapter 4 Penance
  • While Oliver is on his mission to rescue Diggle, Church launches an attack against Star City. Will the new team be able to deal with this threat without their leader?
  • Chapter 5 Human Target
  • Receiving an assassination threat as mayor, Oliver enlists the help of a former ally, Human Target, to rescue Wild Dog from Church's clutches.
  • Chapter 6 Here It Begins
  • Thinking that Prometheus' deadly attack is a message sent to him, Green Arrow tries to solve the mystery while protecting his team from danger.
  • Chapter 7 Unlawful
  • Green Arrow and his team fight a deadly new vigilante who stalks the streets of Star City. Thea defends Quentin, who reveals a secret.
  • Chapter 8 Infestation
  • As the alien invasion begins, the Green Arrow team joins forces with Flash, Supergirl and time-traveling Legends of Tomorrow to counter the intergalactic threat.
  • Chapter 9 The Remains of the Past
  • After a terrible attack reveals that Prometheus knows all the team's secrets, the team faces the shocking betrayal of one of them.
  • Chapter 10 Who are you?
  • A surprising resemblance breaks up Green Arrow and Felicity. District attorney Chase battles high-ranking soldiers to save Diggle from death.
  • Chapter 11 Second Chances
  • Green Arrow finds the new Black Canary candidate, a promising but rogue mine. Felicity tries to infiltrate the NSA to save Diggle.
  • Chapter 12 Bratva
  • The team travels to Russia on a grave threat. There Oliver comes into conflict with an ex-Bratva man. In Star City, Rene faces a test of leadership.
  • Chapter 13 Shadow of the Guns
  • The attack on the city hall drives Oliver to seek justice as the president, not Green Arrow. Rene relies on his journey from family manhood to masked heroism.
  • Chapter 14 The Sin Eater
  • Seeking vengeance Liza Warner on escaping prison, Green Arrow encounters ACU's shocking intervention while trying to catch villains named Cupid and China White.
  • Chapter 15 Responding to Fire with Fire
  • Targeted by the Avenger, Oliver deals with dismissal cases at the municipality. Meanwhile, Diggle and the team are on a quest to eliminate the Avenger completely.
  • Chapter 16 checkmate
  • Green Arrow gets closer to learning the true identity of Prometheus, who takes someone very close to Oliver hostage. Felicity receives an ultimatum from Helix.
  • Chapter 17 Hood
  • Unmasked, Prometheus passes his claws on Oliver for revenge and snatches a confession of Green Arrow's dark and violent past.
  • Chapter 18 Dispersion
  • Team Green Arrow falls into disagreement when Oliver calls on his former but unstable allies, members of Bratva, to help eliminate Prometheus for good.
  • Part 19 Dangerous Relationships
  • With the whole Star City chasing Adrian Chase, Felicity goes against Oliver and asks Helix for help. But their help will come at a heavy price.
  • Chapter 20 Under
  • Dismissed after a mysterious explosion, Felicity is stranded in the bunker with Oliver. Diggle and Lyla have problems in their marriage.
  • Chapter 21 Honor Your Fathers
  • The hunt for Adrian Chase pits Team Arrow against Sampson. A terrible cargo arriving at the city hall sends Oliver a disturbing message.
  • Chapter 22 Lost
  • A friendly surprise catches Oliver off guard. Realizing that Adrian Chase is hunting them one by one, the team mobilizes.
  • Chapter 23 Lian Yu
  • Desperate to save his team and family, Oliver returns to the island of Lian Yu and teams up with an old foe for his final battle with Adrian Chase.
  • Arrow Season 6 Episodes

    In Season 6, Oliver tries to balance the Green Arrow Team with protecting Star City from enemies old and new, and being a father.
  • Section 1 Reflections
  • While Quentin struggles to come to terms with Lian Yu's actions, Black Siren launches a bombing campaign against Emniyet and the Green Arrow Team.
  • Chapter 2 Respect
  • A stubborn FBI agent targets Oliver after a criminal photo leaks. Anatoly makes a daring move. Diggle faces a difficult reality.
  • Chapter 3 Family
  • Diggle begins his new mission, but the team faces a leadership crisis while trying to prevent the poison gas attack of Onyx and his crew.
  • Chapter 4 Role Change
  • As a series of mind-boggling murders take place in Star City, Felicity tries to prevent Cayden James' impending terrifying attack.
  • Chapter 5 Return of Deathstroke
  • With Oliver's help, Slade tracks down his missing son, but discovers something terrible. After receiving distressing news, Dinah hunts down a self-acting marksman.
  • Chapter 6 Promises kept
  • Worrying developments take place in Slade's struggle to reunite with his son. Diggle's secret collides with the team's mission to catch a rogue drug dealer.
  • Chapter 7 Thanksgiving
  • Oliver's Thanksgiving plans are disrupted when Watson is arrested. Cayden James and Black Siren attack a rock concert in Star City.
  • Chapter 8 Crisis on Earth-X, part 2
  • Green Arrow joins forces with Supergirl, the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow to combat the Nazi invasion from Earth-X and his evil twin.
  • Chapter 9 Irreconcilable Differences
  • The team attends a long-awaited wedding but discover a traitor among them. Cayden James forces Oliver to participate in an impossible heist.
  • Chapter 10 Division
  • The crew learns that their shelters are resting. A gang boss asks Green Arrow for help in defeating a common enemy.
  • Chapter 11 Drop
  • Oliver scrambles to secure Star City after Cayden James' deadly high-tech siege. Dinah and the new team quarrel over the new ally.
  • Chapter 12 For a Nothing
  • While Cayden James tries to find the mole in his team, Felicity devises a risky plan to defuse the thermobaric bomb threatening Star City.
  • Chapter 13 Satan's Biggest Trick
  • With his old team in shambles, Oliver encounters Cayden James' ultimatum. Meanwhile, Dinah acts on her own because of her passion for revenge.
  • Chapter 14 Collision
  • With Star City on the brink of financial ruin, former allies face off to determine the fate of the Black Siren. Meanwhile, Quentin is keeping a secret.
  • Chapter 15 Visual Twin
  • Learning that Roy Harper has been taken prisoner in Star City, Thea puts on her Speedy outfit and rejoins Team Green Arrow on a dangerous rescue mission.
  • Chapter 16 Thanatos Guild
  • A group of assassins in their pursuit, Nyssa, Thea and Team Green Arrow try to unravel a cryptic map. Dinah and Curtis go after the cops who took bribes.
  • Chapter 17 Brothers in Arms
  • Diaz tries to take full control of Star City. Diggle confronts Oliver about team leadership and comes to an important crossroads.
  • Chapter 18 Basics
  • Pressed from all sides, Oliver begins to hallucinate, revealing his innermost feelings of insecurity, and he takes a dangerous course.
  • Part 19 Dragon
  • While Diaz attends a meeting with dire consequences for Star City, Felicity and Curtis work to take Helix Dynamics to the next level.
  • Chapter 20 Changing Alliances
  • Oliver takes a big risk to get Anatoly to turn against Diaz. Rene returns as Dinah's team and Diggle join forces to defeat the Quadrant.
  • Chapter 21 File number. 11-19-41-73
  • Oliver faces a life sentence when his case goes to court. But the trial changes when an old friend shows up by surprise.
  • Chapter 22 Critical Links
  • Faced with a sweeping attack, the members of Team Green Arrow come together to steal data that could end Diaz's dominance over Star City.
  • Chapter 23 For life
  • While Star City is in danger, a new ally joins Team Green Arrow to fight alongside them. Meanwhile, Oliver gets into a final fight with Diaz.
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